Contributions to the 17th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

K. Adámková
Zinc-dependent S1-P1-like nucleases from opportunistic human pathogens

P. Bárdy
The story of Rhodobacter capsulatus gene transfer agent: Virus, organelle or both?

J. Bejček
Design of cardiac glycoside conjugates for improved cancer cell selectivity

K. Beková
Formation propensity of pseudo-circular G-hairpins

L. Biedermannová
The first hydration level around biomolecules is site-specific

A. Brzóstowicz
Examination of interaction between regulatory domain of tyrosine hydroxylase and 14-3-3 protein

D. Buchta
Binding of neoFc receptor traps intermediate of pocket factor expulsion from echovirus 18

L. Bumba
Structure-function aspects of the T1SS-mediated secretion of large RTX proteins

M. Buša
Evolutionary upgrade of stefins for secretion in parasites 

T. Charnavets
Biophysical research facilities at Centre of molecular structure of BIOCEV

A. Chareshneu
NACHRDB: solving the puzzle of structure-function relationships in nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs)

A. S. Chaudhari
Photoinduced dynamics of EL222 monitored by multi-site-specific infrared spectroscopy

N. Chmúrčiaková
Cathepsin D protease of parasitic blood fluke Schistosoma mansoni as a target for inhibitory drugs

Z. Chromíková
Interaction of dynamic sporulation protein SpoIIE with novel cell cycle regulator protein GpsB

E. Curtis
Making light with DNA

A. Dikunová
Molecular mechanism of phase separation of RNA polymerase II

J. Dohnálek
Unusual covalent bond between Trp and His in bilirubin oxidase

S. Djukic
Structural studies of purine nucleoside phosphorylase inhibitors

F. L. Falginella
Elucidating Phospholipid Membrane Binding of DEP domain in the Wnt Signaling Pathway

C. P. Feidakis
Predicting ion binding sites in proteins

E. Fujdiarová
PLL3, a novel monomeric member of the seven-bladed beta-propeller lectin family

Z. Futera
Electron Transfer Kinetics in Cytochrome c

M. Gajarský
Phylogenetically diverged structural motifs in telomeric DNA

N. Gašparík
19F labelling of 14-3-3ζ recombinant protein for 19F NMR spectroscopy

Ilektra-Chara Giassa
HERMES – A software tool for prediction and analysis of magnetic field-induced residual dipolar couplings in nucleic acids

M. Gondová
Role of hexamerin in regulation of pupa development

P. Havlíčková
Crystallographic studies of TBEV NS5 RdRp domain

K. Hesková
Preparation of a set of anti-tau monoclonal antibodies in CHO cell line using a robust system for eukaryotic expression

A. Hofrová
Structural study of KIX domain by NMR

K. Honzejková
Biophysical characterization of the N-terminal part of ASK1 and its interaction with TRX

L. Horňáková
The reactivity of the C-terminal antibody shows differences possibly due to the changes in the global folds of tau isoforms

M. Horváth
Role of 14-3-3 protein in the regulation of Death-associated protein kinase 2 (DAPK2)

J. Houser
O-methylated saccharides as a neglected target for Photorhabdus spp. lectins

D. Hrebík
Cryo-EM structure of human rhinovirus 14 in complex with its receptor ICAM-1

F. Husada
How Cryo-EM is revolutionizing structural biology complexes after the "resolution revolution"

I. Jahodová
Structural and biophysical study of the first N-terminal insert of tau protein in the complex with mononclonal antibody

N. Jantová
Structural and biophysical principles of natural protection of organism mediated by lactoferrin – a milk glycoprotein

R. Joshi
Study of protein-protein interactions of human E3 ubiquitin ligase NEDD4L using fluorescence spectroscopy

B. Kaščáková
Structure Comparison of Salivary Serpins from Ixodes ricinus

P. King
AQS3 See change in protein characterization

V. Klápšťová
Structural characterization of the interaction between BRCA1-BARD1 and RNA polymerase II

M. Kloz
Comparative ultrafast spectroscopy and structural analysis of OCP1 and OCP2 protein from Tolypothrix

K. Kohoutová
Modulating FOXO3 Transcriptional Activity by Small, DBD-binding Molecules

M. Kolář
Large-scale atomistic simulations of the ribosome and its exit tunnel

J. Komárek
X-ray structure of PDZ domain of Dishevelled-3 protein

M. Kopečná
Study on aldehyde dehydrogenases from low and high plants using X-ray crystallography, microscale thermophoresis and site-directed mutagenesis

D. Kopečný
Urea-derived inhibitors of cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase for agricultural applications

E. Koutná
LEDGF/p75 interaction network in the nucleosomal context

D. Krafčík
Investigation into G4–Ligand Complex in Living Human Cells Using In-cell NMR Spectroscopy

M. Krafčíková
Study of DNA-Protein Interactions in Living Cells by in-cell NMR Spectroscopy

J. Lazar
Fluorescent proteins as molecular antennas: structure and directionality

S. Lenhartová
Preliminary characterization of human CD160 and the influence of viral N-linked glycosylation related to this immune inhibitory pathway

M. Lepšík
Calcium Bridging between Carbohydrates and Lectins: A Difficult Case for Classical Molecular Dynamics

K. Linhartová
Recognition of RNA Polymerase II C-terminal domain by RPRD2

P. Louša
How phosphorylation impacts 14-3-3ζ dimerization

V. Lux
Molecular mechanism of LEDGF/p75 dimerization

M. Makarov
Life prior to aromatic residues: reverse engineering of a dephosphocoenzyme A kinase

M. Malý
Advantages of complete cross-validation in paired refinement

R. Mandal
Molecular insight into the interaction between Forkhead box O4 (FOXO4) and p53 transcription factors

M. Marek
Structural Basis for Engineered Thermostability in Haloalkane Dehalogenases

E. Maturová
In-cell NMR spectroscopy as a tool for studying the influence of changing intracellular environment on non-B DNA structures

Y. Mironova
Structural characterisation of phage infection in bacterial biofilm

V. Obšilová
14-3-3 protein binding blocks both the nuclear localization sequence and the dimerization interface of caspase-2

K. Orsághová
Immunomodulatory cathepsin B from the house dust mite Dermatophagoides farinae: functional and structural characterization

J. Pavlíček
Centre of Molecular Structure in BIOCEV – Current status and updates

J. Plucarová
Microtubule Associated Protein 2c interacts with multiple partners at specific sites

P. Pohl
Initial structural studies of regulation of ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2 by 14-3-3 proteins

M. Procházková
Excursion into the Staphylococcus aureus cell during bacteriophage infection

R. Rigo
Structural characterization of a G-rich region within EGFR promoter

P. Řezáčová
Structural studies of SorC family of transcriptional regulators

B. Schneider
Structural alphabet for structural analysis of nucleic acids

T. Skálová
Crystal structure of heme-based oxygen sensor AfGcHK in complex with imidazole

K. Slánská
Analysis and prediction of protein solubility

J. Srp
A novel inhibitory motif against aspartic proteases identified in thyropins

J. Stránský
Updates to instrumentation in the Centre of Molecular Structure in BIOCEV

M. Šebesta
Structural insights into the function of ZRANB3 in replication stress response

M. Šiborová
Structure of bacteriophage SU10

L. Švecová
Structural data-based identification of substrate nature for novel FAD-dependent oxidoreductase from Chaetomium thermophilum

D. Trapl
Atomistic simulation of carbohydrate-protein complex formation: Hevein-32 domain

R. Vácha
Effect of Helical Kink in Antimicrobial Peptides on Membrane Pore Formation

L. Valentová
Structure of T. castaneum storage protein solved by cryo-electron microscopy

P. Visková
Study of the i-motif stability during the cell cycle progression by in‑cell NMR spectroscopy

P. Wardega
When protein stability matters

L. M. Weinhold
Structural relationship between subunits of the non-canonical BAF chromatin remodeling complex

S. Zoll
Invariant surface glycoproteins of trypanosomes as targets for structure-guided drug and vaccine design