Contributions for the Sixth Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

Abstract submission

D. Štys
Mathematically-based studies of complex systems in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, economy and politics in Nové Hrady in the first half of 19th century and at the beginning of 21st century


Short structured contributions


T. Prudnikova

Crystallization and structure - functional study of photosystem II from higher plants


I. Tomčová

Cross-crystallization as a new optimization tool  of crystallization procedures


Ž. Sovová
Phylogenetic analysis of extrinstic proteins of Photosystem II




J. Adam

Computational chemistry as a helpful tool for biochemist – structure-functional study and correlation en route to protein engineering


L. Benda

Calculation of the Effective Chemical Shielding Anisotropy in L-Alanyl-L-alanine, conformational and charge dependence study


I. Beššeová
Computational simulations study of Helixes 90-92


E. Bouřa

Crystal structure of RGS3 RGS domain


J. Brynda

TLS analysis of antibody structure shows stabilization by epitope binding


J. V. Burda

Computational study on spectral properties of the selected pigments from various photosystems; structure – transition energy relationship


E. Brumovská

Structural And Functional Characterization Of Human Protein Kinase CKI Epsilon


L. Bumba

Cryo-scanning electron microscopy of Bordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase toxin embedded in lipid vesicles


J. Chmelík
Structure of Bombyx mori Chemosensory Protein 1 in Solution


J. Dohnálek

Subtilases and metal binding – the weak binding site of subtilisins revisited


R. Ettrich
Structure and dynamics of the oxygen evolving complex of photosystem II: Role of the N-terminal loop of PsbQ


E. Fadrná
Computational study of restriction ENDONUCLEASE HINCII


Z. Futera

Computational Study on Ruthenium(II) Complexes and their Interactions with NA bases


L. Gorčík

NMR study of protein CD69


L. Gryčová

Lys735 paricipates on the ATP binding to the isolated C-terminus TRPV1


D. Ham

Structure – function relationships of protein-DNA interactions


J. Hašek

Ligand Docking to Biochemical Targets. Crystallography and modelling


K. Hofbauerova

Rat NKRP1A and NKRP1B proteins studied by vibrational spectroscopy and molecular modeling


J. Horníček

Vibrational optical activity spectra simulation from classical trajectories


P. Houfková

Structural Characterization Of Human Protein Kinase CKI Epsilon

M. Jánošík

Influence of the mutation topology on properties of human cystathionine beta-synthase (CBS) polypeptide


M. Kolář

Protein as a Flexible Structure: Case Study of the HIV-Protease


P. Kolenko

Crystallographic studies of intermolecular interactions of Fc-fragment of immunoglobulin


V. Kopecký

Human a1-acid glycoprotein investigated by Raman spectroscopy and Raman optical activity


M. Kovářová

Text mining of articles in metabolomics research


I. Kratochvílová

New principle of the molecular photo-FET


Z. Kříž

Unraveling the problems of protein - saccharide interactions via computational chemistry


N. Kulik

Molecular dynamics: Molecular docking simulation of substrates and inhibitors of beta-N-acetylhexosaminidase of Aspergillus Oryzae


F. Lankaš

Structural mechanics of DNA: from atomic scale to bioinformatics


M. Lapkouski

Structural studies on the HsdR subunit of the EcoR124I endonuclease from E. coli


T. Levitner
Single-Cell Fluorescence Spectroscopy


J. Matulová

A cost-effective approach for amino-acid-type selective isotope labeling of proteins expressed in Leishmania tarentolae


L. Michera
Theoretical Study of Cisplatin Interactions with Glycine in Gas-phase and Implicit Water Solution – COSMO


K. Mishra

Computational Studies on PA-IIL Lectin-Carbohydrate Interactions


J. Mrázek

Electronic structure of the non-heme iron center in photosynthetic apparatus of plants and bacteria


T. Obšil

Interaction of Forkhead Transcription Factor FoxO4 with DNA


V. Motáčková

NMR study of a single-stranded DNA binding to the C-terminal domain of retroviral protease


D. Nachtigallová
Electronic coupling in the excited electronic state of stacked DNA base homodimers


J. Pačes

CHIPAS, Tool for ChipOnChip analysis


P. Palenčár

Excitonic interactions of Photosystem II reaction center studied by molecular modeling techniques


J. Pánek

Biocomputational prediction of small non-coding RNAs in Streptomyces coelicolor


Š. Papáček

How to deal with the multi-scale dynamical systems: A case study – Model for Photosynthesis, Photoinhibition and Photoacclimation


P. Plevka
The three-dimensional structure of ryegrass mottle virus at 2.9 A resolution


T. Polívka

Time-resolved structural dynamics - a challenge for future


J. Prchal

Determination of structure of double mutant T41I/T78I of M-PMV matrix protein


H. Řehulková

High-coverage proteomic identification of post-translationally modified proteins


P. Řezáčová

Structural studies of the repressor CggR from Bacillus subtilis


J. Šantorová

Expression, mitochondrial localisation and isolation of human cell induced death effector - a (CIDEa)


B. Schneider

Conformational space of nucleic acids


J. Šebek

Optical Spectroscopic Studies of L-Alanyl-L-Alanine


J. Šilhan

Conformational changes of FoxO4-DNA binding domain upon binding to 14-3-3 protein


V. Spiwok

Modelling conformational changes using metadynamics in essential coordinates


P. Srb
Is local flexibility of M-PMV matrix protein related to its binding affinity with a molecular motor?


R. Štefl

RNA recognition by the ADAR2 dsRBMs: a 50 kDa protein-RNA complex by NMR


A. Stsiapanava

Crystallization study of three mutant haloalkane dehalogenases derived from dehalogenase DhaA of Rhodococcus rhodochrous


D. Štys

Physical and mathematical challenges in molecular and cell biology – users point of view


O. Šulák
New approaches to structure and function studies of RS20L Lectin from Ralstonia solanacearum


V. Sychrovský

Calculation of Scalar Couplings in the Backbone of Nucleic Acid


Z. Trachtulec

Gene syntenies conserved on very large genetic distances


J. Urban
Automatic analysis of Nostoc sp. growth


Z. Vokáčová

Theoretical NMR Study of Watson-Crick/Sugar Edge RNA Base Pair Family


J. Wolfová

Co-crystallization of WrbA protein with its flavin cofactor leads to 3D-structure determination


L. Žídek

Orientational restraints in NMR structure


J. Žídková
Lipid transfer proteins of barley


T. Zimmermann

Theoretical DFT study of solvent effects on platinum complexes interactions with cysteine and methionine


A. Župčanová

The length of esterifying alcohol determines the aggregation properties of chlorosomal bacteriochlorophylls