Automatic analysis of Nostoc sp. growth


Jan Urban1, Jan Vaněk1,2, Dalibor Štys1,3


            1) Institute of Physical Biology, University of South Bohemia, Nove Hrady

                        2) Department of Cybernetics, University of West Bohemia, Nove Hrady

                        3) Institute of Microbiology, ASCR, Trebon


Objectives: Metabolomics is the systematic study of the unique chemical fingerprints that specific cellular processes leave behind. Specifically, the study of their small-molecule metabolite profiles. The small-molecule profiles can be monitored by high-sensitive chemical analysing machines. But the amount of collected data is huge and hard to analyse by human sense.


Methods: High-Performance Liguid Chromatography followed by Mass spectrometry was used as a measuring tool. In Matlab and C++ enviroment automatic analysing tools for metabolomic measurements were developed. Random and Systematic noise filters are presented. A peak detector based on certainty factor evaluation is introduced as well. Metabolomic content of measuremt set can be comparised


Conclusion: Metabolite history of 11-day growth of cyanobacteria Nostoc sp. was automatically extracted from measurements and a dendrogram was evaluated.