Contributions to the 16th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

C. Abreu
Study of N-glycan moiety dependency in the interaction of human early activation marker CD69 with its proposed ligand galectin-1

I. Barák
Asymmetric cell division during sporulation in Bacillus subtilis

P. Bárdy
Structure and DNA delivery mechanism of gene transfer agent of Rhodobacter capsulatus

J. Bejček
Biological activity of fluorescent digitoxin derivatives

J. Benýšek
Structure of cathepsin K in complex with highly potent azanitrile inhibitors

E. Bouřa
Structural analysis of positive sense +RNA polymerases

T. Brom
Monomer – dimer equilibria of 14-3-3ζ proteins

B. Břenková
Structure of a staphylococcal phage connector protein

D. Buchta
Genome release of Echovirus 18

M. Buša
Evolutionary upgrade of stefins for secretion in parasites

O. Cehlár
Conformations of peptides from microtubule repeat regions of intrinsically disordered protein tau  

T. Charnavets
Biophysical characterization of proteins at Centre of molecular structure of BIOCEV

D. Cmunt
NK cell activating ligands in fusion with nanobodies: The role of arrangement on their binding capacity

E. A. Curtis
A GTP-dependent switch that controls G-quadruplex multimer formation

A. Dubánková
Crystal structure of kobuviral RNA polymerase reveals that the N-termini has a unique fold among picornaviruses

E. Fujdiarová
Influence of glucose O3 methylation on binding properties towards PLL2 lectin

Z. Futera
Electric Conductivity of Multi-Heme Proteins

T. Füzik
Structural study of human enterovirus 70 using cryo-electron microscopy

M. Gondová
Role of honeybee hexamerin in regulation of pupae development

P. Havlíčková
Novel Structurally Characterized HAD Phosphatase from Thermococcus thioreducens with Diverse Substrate Specificity

Š. Herynek
Biophysical characterization of NKp44:PCNA interaction

A. Hofrová
Structural study of KIX domain by NMR

V. Horová
Structural and functional analysis of the ACBD3-3A complexes in enterovirus infection

J. Houser
Comparative structural analysis of lectin family from Photorhabdus spp.

J. Houserová
Recombinant expression of protein NKp46 and its ligand Epa1 and study of their interaction

D. Hrebik
Cryo-EM Structure of Bacteriophage P68: From Head to Tail

A. Hušková
The Fanconi anaemia repair pathway: „Stay with me, ubiquitin. “

P. Jeřábek
Cytochrome P450 1A2 features similar structural pattern of the trans-membrane segment in membranes with a different thickness

M. Jurásek
Effect of phosphorylation on PDZ domain in Dishevelled

T. K. Kabzinski
Connecting 5’ to 3’ activities: Interaction between Rtt103p and Trf4p

P. Kania
When affinity matters

T. Karthick
Vibrationally-resolved UV-absorption and magnetic circular dichroism of nucleosides

B. Kaščáková
Molecular-biology and Structural Study of Avian Orthoreovirus Protein σNS

M. Kloz
Femtosecond vibration spectroscopy of unprotonated retinal in a UV absorbing rhodopsin biological photoreceptor

T. Klumpler
Hsp70 ATP-dependent Dimerization and Interactions

E. Konkoľová
Nanobodies as versatile purification and detection system

P. Krafčíková
Flavivirus methyltransferase as a target in antiviral treatment

I. Kratochvílová
Critical defects in cryopreserved cell nuclei: DNA structure changes

K. Krejčová
The role of FANCI phosphorylation in Fanconi anemia pathway regulation

P. Kulhánek
Flexibility of DNA mismatches and its implication for mismatch recognition

B. Landová
The study of formation, stability and repair of spontaneously formed Abasic Site Interstrand Cross-link

Yingliang Liu
Time-resolved infrared structural biology at IBT and ELI Beamlines

M. Makovická
Investigation of dimer-monomer equilibrium of the regulatory domain of tyrosine hydroxylase

M. Marek
Structural basis of histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) selective inhibition

K. Mihalovičová
Crystallization of the antibody DC25 Fab and its complex with recombinant truncated tau protein from Alzheimer’s PHF

R. Nencka
With or without you: Structure vs. ligand-based drug design

E. Nomilner
Interaction of MAP2c with SH3 domain of plectin

M. Nováková
Crystal structure of Bacillus subtilis transcription repressor DeoR in complex with its operator DNA

Z. Nováková
New antibody-based tools for prostate cancer imaging and therapy

J. Pavlíček
Centre of Molecular Structure in BIOCEV – Information and Updates

I. Polsinelli
The levansucrase puzzle: how to combine structure and biochemistry to understand the biological function

M. Procházková
Structure of Leishmania RNA virus 1

J. Ptáček
Design and biological and structural characterization of novel HDAC6-specific inhibitors

C. Reuter
Crystal growth to data collection made easy

A. Scheiflinger-Latal
Insights into the structure and conformation of biomolecules to understand their biological function for new drug systems using SAXS in the Laboratory

A. Schenkmayerová
Laboratory evolution reveals structural elements driving enzyme evolvability

T. Skálová
Interaction of natural killer cell receptor NKR-P1 with its ligand LLT1

M. Smola
Structure of STING with fluorinated agonists

Z. Sochorová Vokáčová
Theoretical study of Candida antarctica lipase B in organic solvents

J. Srp
Non-canonical reactive site against serine proteases invented by plant Kunitz inhibitors

J. Stránský
Centre of Molecular Structure in BIOCEV – Current status

J. Svoboda
Crystal structure and biophysical characterization of selected REP sequences

M. Šiborová
Structure of bacteriophage SU10 from the family Podoviridae

J. Šilhan
Substrate specificity of NEIL3 glycosylase in DNA interstrand cross-link repair

R. Škrabaňa
Crystallography of fuzziness in the complexes of intrinsically disordered proteins

M. Thunnissen
Structural Biology at the diffraction limited synchrotron source MAX IV

D. Trapl
Approximating collective variables using artificial neural networks

L. Valentová
Structure of Tribolium castaneum hexamerin solved by cryo-electron microscopy

V. Zapletal
Quantitative conformational analyses of intrinsically disordered proteins: nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and small-angle X-ray scattering in action