25th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography

Satellites, workshops, meetings





Expected/limited participation Expected fee
(not fixed yet)
School on Computational Crystallography Commission for Crystallographic Computing, Martin Lutz August 17-22 Nove Hrady, South Bohemia 50 200-300*
Methods of Structural Biology Jan Dohnalek, BIOCEV, Czech Society for Structural Biology August 18-21 Vestec near Prague 100  
School on Electron Crystallography Commission for Electron Crystallography,
Xiaodong Zou, Louisa Meshi, Lukas Palatinus
August 19-22 Tabor, South Bohemia 100 350*-450*
School on Small-Angle Scattering - SAXS/SANS school Jan Ilavsky, Dmitri Svergun August 19-21 Kutna Hora 60 150*
School on Aperiodic Structures of Quasicrystals, Magnetic materials, Minerals and Molecular Compounds: State of the Art in Structure Solution and Refinement Vaclav Petricek August 20-21 Prague, Holiday Inn 50 130
TOPAS workshop Arnt Kern August 20-22 Prague 60  
Macromolecular Machines in Biomedicine: Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution Stephen Burley, RCSB PDB, Filipe Maia, Upsalla University, Bohdan Schneider, Czech Society for Structural Biology August 21-22 Prague Congress Centre
150 100
3rd IUPAC-ICSU Workshop on Crystal Engineering Pierangelo Metrangolo, Giuseppe Resnati August 21-22 PCC 40 0
Journals Management Board meeting Andrew Allen August 21-22 PCC 40 invitation
ICDD workshop ICDD August 22 PCC 50  
Olex2 workshop Horst Puschmann August 22 PCC 35  
CCDC/FIZ workshop FIZ, CCDC, Suzanna Ward, Annet Steudel August 22 PCC 35 10
When should small molecule crystallographers publish raw diffraction data? CommDat, Simon Coles, Amy Sarjeant August 22 PCC 40 50
GISAXS workshop CSAS August 22 PCC 50 50
After APS-U:
Shaping the future of the advanced crystallography at NSF's ChemMatCARS
Yu-Sheng Chen August 22 PCC 30 invitation only
XAFS workshop CXAFS August 22 PCC 50-100 0-50**
School on electron PDF (pair-distribution function) Tatiana Gorelik August 30-September 1 Kutna Hora 60 240*

* including accommodation or depending on accommodation, ** depending on catering
Most of fees include some catering - cofee breaks, lunches