25th Congress and General Assembly of the International Union of Crystallography

Satellites and workshops in preparation





Expected/limited participation
School on Computational Crystallography Commission for Crystallographic Computing, Martin Lutz August 17-22 Nove Hrady, South Bohemia 50
School on Electron Crystallography Commission for Electron Crystallography,
Xiaodong Zou, Louisa Meshi, Lukáš Palatinus
August 19-22 Tabor, South Bohemia 100
School on electron PDF Tatiana Gorelik August 30-September 1 Prague 60
School on Small-Angle Scattering - SAXS/SANS school Jan Ilavsky August 19-21 Prague 60
Macromolecular Machines in Biomedicine:
Structure, Dynamics, and Evolution
Stephen Burely, RCSB PDB, Filipe Maia, Upsalla University, Bohdan Schneider, Czech Society for Structural Biology August 21-22 Prague Congress Centre 150
Methods of Structural Biology Jan Dohnalek, BIOCEV, Czech Society for Structural Biology August 18-21 Vestec near Prague 100
3rd IUPAC-ICSU Workshop on Crystal Engineering Pierangelo Metrangolo, Giuseppe Resnati August 21-22 Prague 60
School on Aperiodic Structures of Quasicrystals, Magnetic materials, Minerals and Molecular Compounds: State of the Art in Structure Solution and Refinement Vaclav Petricek August 21-22 Prague 50
ICDD workshop ICDD August 22 Prague Congress Centre 50