25th IUCr congress satellite

Workshop on Aperiodic and Magnetic Structure for Beginners




Holiday Inn, Prague
(close to the Prague Congress Centre)

August 20 - August 21, 2020


The magnetic and aperiodic workshop will take place over two days and it is intended to provide basic knowledge and tools to understand and solve complicated structures. The first day will be dedicated to short introductions of the different topics (magnetic and modulated crystal structures, and quasicrystals) and to the presentation of several programs useful to interpret and/or solve the structures (Jana2020, GSAS-II, Fullprof, QUASI06, ISODISTORT, and Bilbao Crystallographic Server). In the second day, the participants will be split into working groups for the tutorials and hands-on-examples lead by the experts on each of the available programs. Additionally, participants are also encouraged to discuss their own problems in any of the subjects addressed at the workshop.

Contact:  Vaclav Petricek, Morgane Poupon,
Margarida Henriques,
Institute of Physics, Czech Academy of Sciences,
Prague, Czech Republic