How to

How to suggest keynotes, microsymposia, workshops, satellites etc?

Keynotes, microsymposia

If the topics is closely connected to one of the IUCr commissions then the best way is to contact corresponding representative in the International Programme Committee (see list with commissions and list with contacts). It is always good, if some more comments are sent than just a title. E-mail can also be sent to the IPC chair - Ivana Kuta Smatanova (programme et

Deadline, March 1, 2019
You can send suggestions after the deadline till May 5 but with time the chance of their acceptance is decreasing

Worskhops, satellites

This can be discussed with the corresponding IUCr commission. The person responsible for coordination of these events is the chair of National Advisory Board (AB) - Jindrich Hasek (hasekjh et

Deadline, September 30, 2019

Suggestions for organisers

can be sent to the chair of Local Organizing Committee (LOC) - Pavlina Rezacova (rezacova et

Sponsors, commercial exhibition

Questions, comments etc. can be sent to Martin Haloun (PCO Auletris) - exhibition et Booklet for sponsor and exhibitors is in preparation.

Any of the above suggestions or comments can also be sent to the congress chair

Radek Kuzel (chair et

General conference e-mail: info et