Contributions for the 12th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

I. Barák
User Consortium of Serial Femtosecond Crystallography - Slovak Involvement 

A. Baumlová
Structural characterization of phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate IIalpha

L. Bednářová
Raman microspectroscopy of the yeast vacuoles

L. Biedermannová
Hydration of amino acid residues in proteins: what can we learn from data mining?

K. Boušová
Calmodulin and S100A1 protein interact with the intracellular termini of the TRPM4 channel

E. Bouřa
Combination of Xtal, SAXS, DEER and FRET data – the structure of ESCRT-I/II supercomplex and implications for membrane budding

J. Brynda
X-ray Structural Analysis of Carbonic Anhydrase and Carborane-Based Inhibitors Complexes 

J. Bufka
Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Derivatives of the Fluorescent Protein Chromophore

R. Chaloupková
Comparison of catalytic performance of haloalkane dehalogenases in deep eutectic and organic co-solvents

T. Charnavets
Structure, stability and thermodynamic characteristics of single stranded DNA in repetitive extragenic palindromic elements

Z. Chromiková
Crucial role of SpoIIE during Bacillus subtilis cell differentiation

Z. Chval
Molecular dynamics calculations of Cy3 and Cy5 cyanine dyes terminally attached to DNA

E. Csefalvay
Purification and Initial Imaging of the type I DNA Restriction-Modification Enzyme EcoR124I by Electron Microscopy 

O. Degtjarik
Crystallization and structural characterization of LinB86 haloalkane dehalogenase mutant

J. Dohnálek
Methods of structural biology of Instruct available to Czech researchers

R. Dopitová
Crystal Structure of Phosphotransmitter AHP2 and Modeling of its Interaction with Sensor Histidine Kinase CKI1 - Towards Elucidating Molecular Recognition in the Multistep Phosphorelay Signaling in Plants

D. Dufour
RNA structure prediction by knowledge-based statistical potentials and fragment assembly

O. Dvořáčková
Influence of the substitution effects in the pyridine ring on the reactivity of the trans-[Pt(NH3)2(pyr)Cl]+ complex

R. Ettrich
Charybdotoxin unbinding from the mKv1.3 potassium channel: A Combined computational and experimental study 

K. Fejfarová
Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of nepenthesin-1

J. Frömmel
Aminoaldehyde dehydrogenase isoenzymes from Pisum sativum oxidize N-acylated aminoaldehydes

P. Grinkevich
Structure and function of the C-terminal helical domain of the motor subunit HsdR from the type I restriction-modification system EcoR124I

D. Guha
Assembly and molecular architecture of the TSC1-TSC2 complex

J. Hašek
International appreciation of X-ray crystallography

J. Heller
Photosystem II PsbO protein from higher plants

H. Hegyi
Domain Integrity Verification of Alternative Splicing - the DIVAS server

P. Hošek
Moving hills - new parallelizable metadynamic method with fixed amount of bias potential

J. Houser
RSL lectin - a complex approach to study carbohydrate-protein interaction

D. Hrebík
Interactions between receiver domain of cytokinin receptor CKI1RD and AHP protein from Arabidopsis thaliana

I. Iermak
Crystallization of glyceraldehyde dehydrogenase from Thermoplasma acidophilum

M. Jerabek-Willemsen
MicroScale Thermophoresis: Interaction analysis and beyond

M. Jirků
Characterization of the calmodulin and S100A1 binding domains on the N-terminus of TRPM1 receptor

M. Kacířová
Structural studies on Pdc/14-3-3 protein complex

R. Končitíková
Structure-function study on enzymes linked to cytokinin metabolism - aldehyde dehydrogenases and nucleoside N-ribohydrolases

M. Kopecká
Role of EF-hand motif in the activation of neutral trehalase

D. Kopečný
Family of plant nucleoside N-ribohydrolases

T. Kovaľová
Structural and catalytic properties of α-L-fucosidase from Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus

D. Košek
Characterization of interactions between protein kinase ASK1 and its binding partners

D. Krajčíková
Studies of Self-assembly Properties of Bacillus Spore Coat Proteins

I. Kratochvílová
Theoretical and experimental study of charge transfer through DNA: impact of mercury attached to mismatched base pairs

T. Kroupa
Interaction of M-PMV matrix protein mutants with membranes

M. Krupová
Detection of Molecular Chirality in Lanthanide Complexes by the Raman Optical Activity

Z. Kukačka
Chemical Cross-linking and Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange –Tools for Precise Definition of Human Haptoglobin Structure

I. Kutá Smatanová
Protein crystallization projects at the Faculty of Science of the USB CB

R. Kužel
2014 – International Year of Crystallography

S. Kylarová
Structural characterization of the thioredoxin-binding domain of protein kinase ASK1 and its interaction with thioredoxin

V. Lísková
Engineering enzyme access tunnels for protein stabilization

L. Marečková
KLK2- and KLK11-binding proteins as novel class of recombinant capture ligands useful for improved Prostate Cancer diagnostics 

S. M. Marques
Investigation of gating mechanisms in the access tunnel of haloakane dehalogenases

I. Němčovičová
Cytomegalovirus gpUL141 exhibits unique receptor-binding domain to inhibit cell surface expression of CD155 and TRAIL death receptors

D. Němeček
Application of Difference 3D Electron Microscopy to Identify DSS1 Subunits and Induced Conformational Changes in the Complex with Rad52

Z. Nováková
The role of the non-pharmacophore pocket of glutamate carboxypeptidase II in the design of small-molecule inhibitors

Saurabh Kumar Pandey
Binding-competent states for L-arginine in E. coli arginine repressor apoprotein

J. Pavlíček
Crystal structures of complexes of GCPII with P1’-diversified urea-based inhibitors

M. Peterek
Assembly and molecular architecture of PI4K IIalpha complexes

M. Plevaka
Crystallization and preliminary diffraction analysis of Dha57, DhaA80 and DhaA106 mutants from Rhodococcus rhodochrous NCIMB 13064

D. Pokorný
Structural and functional characterization of Ralstonia solanacearum lectin mutant

T. Prudnikova
Structural analysis of a novel haloalkane dehalogenase DbeA from Bradyrhizobium elkanii USDA94

J. Ptáček
Selection and characteriazation of Anticalins specific for human glutamate carboxypeptidase II

D. Řeha
Molecular dynamics comparison of E. coli WrbA apoprotein and holoprotein

B. Schneider
Bioinformatic analysis of the local dynamics of proteins and DNA

T.R. Shaikh
Initial bridges between the two ribosomal subunits are formed within 9.4 milliseconds: A time-resolved cryo-EM study

K. Shamayeva
Interdomain communication in the endonuclease/motor subunit of Type I restriction-modification enzyme EcoR124I

T. Skálová
Structures of receptors and ligands of mammalian NK cells

V. Smith
Macromolecular Crystallography with the PHOTON 100 Detector

V. Spiwok
Enhancement of linear vs. non-linear motions in protein folding

J. Stránský
Critical parameters for S-SAD phasing – real case experience

K. Stříšovský
Structural basis of rhomboid intramembrane protease specificity and mechanism revealed by X-ray crystallographic analysis of rhomboid-substrate peptide complexes

D. Stuart
Challenges of Virus Crystallography

P. Szelcsanyiová
Modification of substrate specificity and catalytic activity of haloalkane dehalogenase LinB by opening de novo access tunnels

L. Šerá
Pump-probe molecular dynamics (PPMD) simulations in GROMACS and its testing on the PDZ domain

Z. Šucur
Exploring free energy surface of oxytocin by using well-tempered metadynamics

K. Tratsiak
Haloalkane dehalogenases: DmxA from Marinobacter sp. ELB 17 and DpcA from Psychrobacter cryohalolentis K5, from the crystallization to the structure analysis

E. Tutubalina
Crystallization of FrpC protein from Neisseria meningitidis

M. Zábrady
Recombinant antibodies for in vivo applications

P. Zadravec
Development of lactic acid bacterium capable of binding Shiga toxin on the surface

V. Zapletal
NMR study of haloalkane dehalogenase DhaA: resonance assignment and relaxation