Contributions for the 11th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

P. Ashcheulov
Influence of specific boron defects on boron-doped diamond conductivity

H. Barvíková
Computational Study of Interactions of Organic Matter and Biomolecules with Mineral Surfaces

L. Bednářová
Antibacterial peptides interacting with model membranes. Spectroscopic study

V. Bialevich
Proposed translocation cycle of the restriction-modification system EcoR124I

L. Borko
Human cardiac ryanodine receptor: Structural study of the N-terminal region

E. Boura
The crystal structure of the Phi6 major capsid protein

J. Burda
Reaction Mechanism of Ru(II) Piano-Stool Complexes; Umbrella Sampling QM/MM MD Study

O. Cehlar
Structural insight into the conformation of one of the microtubule binding motifs on the Alzheimer’s disease-associated protein tau

L. Daniel
Role of the buried halide-binding site of haloalkane dehalogenase DbeA

O. Degtjarik
Preparation, crystallization and preliminary structural analysis of AHP2 protein, the signal transmitter from Arabidopsis thaliana

J. Dohnálek
Metals and ions in protein structures – from essential to marginal questions in identification of ions in enzymes and receptors

J. Dušková
Extracellular chitinolytic enzymes of Clostridium paraputrificum J4; separation and characterization

John E. Engen
Hydrogen exchange mass spectrometry to probe the conformation of proteins both in solution and in membranes

R. Ettrich
Biphasic kinetic behavior of FMN-dependent NAD(P)H:quinone oxidoreductase WrbA from E. coli: A molecular understanding

J. Frömmel
Aminoaldehyde dehydrogenase 1 from tomato – enzyme structure and possible using as a tool to analyze aldehydes in beverages

K. Hlat-Glembová
Prediction and structural studies of active site of selected glycosyl hydrolases from Paenibacillus thiaminolyticus  

T. Holubeva
Isolation and crystallization of the recombinant PsbR protein of higher-plant photosystem II

J. Houser
The power is in detail - structural analysis of an Aleuria aurantia lectin mutant

P. Hošek
Combination of alchemical free energy simulation and metadynamics in the simulation package GROMACS

D. Hrebík
Magnesium binding to the receiver domain of cytokinin receptor CKI1RD from Arabidopsis thaliana

M. Jirků
Ca2+ binding proteins interact with the N-terminal region of TRPM1

I. Kabelka
Study of BSOBI Endonuclease by Molecular Dynamics

M. Kacířová
Mapping of the interaction surface of phosducin using HDX-MS

A. Kádek
In-solution structure of cellobiose dehydrogenase probed by hydrogen / deuterium exchange mass spectrometry  

A. Kevorková
Functional coupling of duplex translocation to DNA cleavage in a type I restriction enzyme

P. Kolenko
Inhibitors of Glutaminyl Cyclases against Alzheimer`s Disease

P. Kolenko
Yfid from E.coli as a Pfl repair protein  

R. Končitíková
Structural characterization of two maize aldehyde dehydrogenase from family 2

M. Kopecká
How calcium and Bmh1 activate yeast neutral trehalase Nth1?

D. Kosek
Biophysical study of the complex between the 14-3-3 protein and the kinase domain of ASK1

T. Kovaľ
Structure of multifunctional plant nuclease TBN1

I. Kratochvílová
Charge transport through DNA/DNA duplexes and DNA/RNA hybrids: complex mechanism study

T. Kroupa
Interaction of the myristoylated M-PMV matrix protein and his mutants with phospholipids

N. Kulik
Molecular Modeling of a fungal hexosaminidase from T. flavus with high substrate promiscuity

I. Kutá Smatanová
Practical aspects of protein crystallography

M. Kutý
Towards a structure of green plant Photosystem II

M. Lapkouski
Complexes of HIV-1 RT and DNA/RNA hybrid reveal structure compatible with RNA degradation

L. Marečková
Novel binders derived from an albumin-binding domain scaffold targeting Prostate Secretory Protein-94  

P. Matunová
Comparison of the anticancer activity with electronic properties and thermodynamic and kinetic parameters of the interaction of selected platinum(II) derivativesthe  with guanine

R. Matuška
CH-π Interaction between Carbohydrates and Aromatic Moieties: Electron Density Issue

P. Mikulecký
Rational design of high-affinity variants of interferon-gamma receptor 1

B. Minofar
Structure and dynamics of biomolecules in non-aqueous ionic solutions

D. Němeček
Cryo-EM Reconstruction of the Bacteriophage f6 Procapsid at Near-Atomic Resolution Shows Conformational Changes in dsRNA Virus Maturation

P. Novák
The Use of Mass Spectrometry and Molecular Modeling to Design Structural Model of Mouse NKR-P1 Proteins

J. Nunvář
Evolution of genetic diversity of repetitive extragenic palindromic elements (REPs): A comparative study

P. Oborský
Digital metadynamics: New biased simulation concept and its testing on the conformational equilibrium of Ac-Ala-NHMe

S. Pandey
Computational simulation of trimer rotation in hexameric Argine repressor from E.coli

J. Pavlíček
Gateway-based system for optimization of recombinant protein expression in K. lactis  

J. Ptáček
Selection and characterization of Anticalin-based binders targeting human glutamate carboxypeptidase II

D. Řeha
Biological Applications of QM/MM calculations with Polarized Embedding

B. Schneider
Analysis of protein/DNA interactions by novel bioinformatic tools

M. Šebela
Analysis of heterogeneous hinge-region O-glycosylation of human IgA1 using MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometry

J. Šebera
Theoretical Study of Metal Ion Binding in Modified and Natural Cytosine-Cytosine Base Pairs

D. Sinha
Interdomain interaction and communication in the motor subunit of E.coli in restriction modification system EcoR1241

T. Skálová
Structural properties of NK receptors and ligands with C-type lectine-like fold

R. Skrabana
Validation of a high-throughput setup for manual assembly of nanolitre vapour-diffusion protein crystallization screens

V. Smith
Bringing the Beamline Home: Increasing Productivity and Reducing Costs with the D8 VENTURE with METALJET X-Ray Source

Ž. Sovová
Thylakoid membrane characterization and its interaction with PsbI protein from photosystem II

J. Stránský
Plant nuclease TBN1 involved in apoptotic processes blocks its active site by a surface loop – sign of regulatory function?  

K. Stříšovský
Structural and mechanistic principles of intramembrane proteolysis – lessons from rhomboids

P. Těšina
Structural study of LEDGF/p75 binding partners

K. Tratsiak
Characterization of the selected haloalkane dehalogenases crystals specific activity towards to their substrates

L. Vaňková
Human IL-23 receptor antagonists derived from an albumin-binding domain scaffold inhibit IL-23-dependent ex vivo expansion of IL-17-producing T-cells

M. R. Williams
Protein characterisation using DLS – measurement principle and technology typical applications, limitations and troubleshooting, the new Zetasizer Nano

M. Zachrdla
NMR Investigation of Unstructured Malaria Surface Protein MSP2, Isoform 3D7

V. Zapletal
Motions of biomolecules monitored by spectral density mapping

L. Žídek
Molecular motions monitored by NMR relaxation – a conservative approach

J. Žídková
Glycoproteins and Protein Glycations Identified in Barley Grain and Malt by 2D-HPLC and MS/MS