Materials Structure 
in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Technology

 vol. 23, no. 3, 2016


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Abstracts from XTOP-2016, 13th Biennial Conference on High-Resolution X-Ray Diffraction and Imaging

Conference title page PDF 190
Introduction PDF 191
Contents PDF 195
Lectures  (last minute changes not included)  All lectures PDF

Tutorials C. Mocuta, J. Baruchel, C. Gianini, A. Diaz, S. Carlson, S. Werin PDF 196
Session I, Monday, September 4
J. Keckes, D. Ziss, J. Eymery, V. Kaganer, M. Schmidbauer PDF 201
Session II, Monday, September 4
J. Moosman, Y. Chushkin, A. Davtyan PDF 206
Session III, Tuesday, September 5
P. Scardi, A. Danilewski, B. Tanner, D. Haenschke, Thu Trann Thi PDF 209
Session IV, Tuesday, September 5
I. Zlotnikov, P. Cook, C. Gramaccioni, S. Hrivňák PDF 216
Session V, Tuesday, September 5
A. Stierle, J. Wallentin, P. Schroth, R. Kluender, P. Diemoz PDF 220
Session VI, Tuesday, September 5
J. P. Hofmann, J. Drnec, S. Fernandez PDF 224
Session VII, Wednesday, September 6
S. Grofman, D. Kriegner, T. W. Cornelius, S. Vadilonga, C. Schlepuetz PDF 227
Session VIII, Wednesday, September 6
V. Chamard, G. Kallon, T. Faragó, E. C. Panduro PDF 232
Session IX, Wednesday, September 6
M. Zoellner, D. Altamura, J. Ilavský, M. Meduňa, L. Horák PDF 236
Session X, Wednesday, September 6
F. Boscherini, S. Morelhao, R. Resel, Yi Zhang PDF 241
Session XI, Thursday, September 7
T. Salditt, Q. Zhong, J. Vogel, P. Korecki, P. Villanueva-Perez PDF 245
Session XII, Thursday, September 7
A. Rodriguez-Fernandez, W. Jark, R. Mokso, F. De Carlo PDF 250
Poster Session A, Monday, September 4 PA1-PA41 PDF 255
Poster Session B, Tuesday, September 5 P5-1..P5-4 PDF 292
Programme - overview, sessions PDF 192
Programme - overview, speakers PDF 193
List of posters PDF 326
Author Index PDF 330
Programme - detailed PDF 336

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