Materials Structure 
in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Technology

 vol. 25, no. 3, 2018


Structural description and properties of Mg2Al-layered double hydroxides intercalated with the fluvastatin anions solved by molecular simulation methods


M. Pšenička, M. Pospíšil            PDF


Abstracts from Struktura 2018, Colloquium of the Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association

Programme of the meeting

Monday, June 18 - Session I
R. Kužel, P. Veřtát, K. Poruba, R. Pažout PDF 157
Monday, June 18 - Session II J. Čapek, K. Trojan, C. Hervoches, M. Černík PDF 164
Tuesday, June 19 - Session III F. Laufek, R. Kužel, P. Roubíček PDF 169
Tuesday, June 19 - Session IV J. Drahoukoupil, P. Ryšánek, H. Ehmann,
L. Sadowski
PDF 172
Tuesday, June 19 - Session V V. Ryukhtin, C. Antunes Correa, E. Duverger-Nedellec PDF 176
Tuesday, June 19 - Session VI M. Meduňa, P. Cejpek, J. Kopeček PDF 180
Wednesday, June 20 - Session VII J. Hašek, J. Rohlíček, M. Hušák PDF 182
Wednesday, June 20 - Session VIII A. Stricker, M. Čurda PDF 188
Thursday, June 21  - Session IX M. Dušek PDF 190
Thursday, June 21  - Session X J. Brynda, J. Hašek, M. Marek, I. Berková,
P. Havlíčková, K. Rejžková
PDF 191
Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association 2015-2017   PDF 195
Programme PDF 69
Author Index PDF 79
 Incoatec Bruker Rigaku
Stoe Malvern Panalytical Anton Paar

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