Materials Structure 
in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Technology

 vol. 23, no. 2, 2016


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Abstracts from ICCBM-16, International Conference on the Crystallization of Biological Macromolecules

Conference title page PDF 66
Introduction PDF 67
Contents PDF 71
Lectures  (last minute changes not included) 

Main plenary lecture  A. Yonath PDF 72
Keynote lectures Osamu Nureki, Naomi Chayen, Juan Manuel García-Ruiz, Richard Giege PDF 72
Session I, Sunday, July 3
Membrane Protein Crystallization I


E. Xu, B. Carpenter, M. Caffrey, E. Pryor PDF 75
Session II, Sunday, July 3
Crystallization of Macromolecular Complexes


A. Kossiakoff, N. Thomae, Song Tan, S. Rubin PDF 77
Session III, Sunday, July 3
Membrane Protein Crystallization II


Fei Xu, K. Kapoor, Chung Jung Chen, P. S. Stewart PDF 80
Session IV, Monday, July 4
Automation in Crystallization


J. A. Marquez, M. Hunkeler, C. Dekker, J. Müller-Dieckmann PDF 83
Session V, Monday, July 4
Crystallization Approaches for Serial Crystallography


D. Oberthuer, R. Dods, J. Stagno, S. Perry PDF 86
Session VI, Monday, July 4
Crystal to Beam


A. Meents, U. Weierstall, C. Betzel, A. Orville, V. Smith PDF 89
Session VII, Tuesday, July 5
Chemistry of Crystallization


T. Bergfors, E. Saridakis, L. M. Bruder, J. Hašek, A. McPherson PDF 92
Session VIII, Tuesday, July 5
Complementary Methods


E. Ennifar, H. Luecke, A. Moreno, M. Ristic, T. Jocks PDF 95
Session IX, Tuesday, July 5
Scoring Methods


J. Newman, J. Wilson, S. Acharya, A. Criswell PDF 98
Session X, Tuesday, July 5
Teaching Macromolecular Crystallography


C. Sauter, M. Caffrey, S. Veesler, M. Spano, J. M. García-Ruiz PDF 101
Session XI, Wednesday, July 6
Crystallization Methods for Neutron Diffraction


S. Sugiyama, M. P. Blakeley, F. Meilleur, N. Junius PDF 104
Session XII, Thursday, July 7
Theory and Practice of Crystallization


P. Vekilov, D. Hargreaves, J. A. Gavira, P. Thaw, 
L. Urbániková, G. Calero
PDF 107
Session XII, Thursday, July 7
Crystallization in Industry and Biomedicine


A. D'Arcy, L. O. Landgren, T. Peignier, H. Hou PDF 110
Session XIV, Thursday, July 7
Ionic Liquids in Protein Crystallization
M. Kowacz, M. Pusey, D. Maes, P. Charbonneau, E. Petri PDF 114
Membrane Protein Crystallization  P1-1..P1-8 PDF 118
Crystallization of Macromolecular Complexes P12-1..P2-29 PDF 124
Automation in Crystallization P4-1, P4-2 PDF 145
Serial Crystallography P5-1..P5-4 PDF 146
Crystal to Beam P6-1..P6-2 PDF 150
Chemistry of Crystallization P7-1..P7-7 PDF 151
Complementary Methods P8-1..P8-4 PDF 157
Teaching Crystallography
P10-1, P10-2 PDF 160
Crystallization Methods for Neutron Diffraction
P11-1, P11-2 PDF 161
Theory and Practice of Crystallization
P12-1..P12-10 PDF 163
Crystallization in Industry and Biomedicine P13-1..P13-7 PDF 171
Programme - overview, sessions PDF 68
Programme - overview, speakers PDF 69
List of posters PDF 176
Author Index PDF 179
Programme - detailed PDF 186

Panalytical abstract

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