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Members entrance to the registration system


The ECA is collecting only the very basic data: Name, Family, Degree, Mail address, E-mail, interest in ECA individual SIGs. 
Each member is strongly encouraged to register also in the World Directory of Crystallographers and give more complete profile there. 
During the registration each ECA individual member should also submit username and password. This is used just for future possibility of modification of the above personal data and does not provide sophisticated security. 

Payment of the membership fee, instructions:

As approved by the ECA council, we ask you to transfer 50.-Euros for five years.
The payment form with an indication of the year till which you have paid your contribution is accessible after the entrance in the registration system..
You can pay either by bank transfer or by credit card. Please, follow the instructions in the form. 
Separate bank security system is used for entering credit card data. The ECA is not collecting this.
Pop-up windows in the browser must be permitted, if the user has the so-called 3D security system.
When the payment is confirmed by the bank, you can see updated year of your payment in the "Membership fee paid till" field.
Each member can also give donation to the ECA, in particular 

This way of payment can be used for any payment to the ECA. The payer can use his/her payment form. If he/she is not on the list, registration form should be submitted first (new registration). Giving the names, e-mail and country is sufficient. The payment form is available after login to the registration system.

Donations and Legacies

The ECA welcomes individual donations; for example 50 Euros each per annum from just 100 members would increase by 50 % what the ECA can provide as student bursaries per annum. Likewise individual legacies to the ECA of, say, a few thousand Euros each could expand the ECA’s support of Prizes, Poster Prizes, Bursaries, Conferences, Workshops etc. Please, use the same form as for IM fees, just make a note in the comment field of payment form. Donators are listed on this page.

All the credit card payments go to the account of the Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association - Krystalograficka spolecnost at the bank Ceska Sporitelna, they are kept there separately for the ECA and transferred to the ECA account usually by the end of the year.

Possible questions to registration, please, send to kuzel et

For payment to the ECA treasurer: lehmann et


Interest of  Individual Members in SIG activities

Macromolecular Crystallography
Electron Crystallography
Molecular Interaction and Recognition
  SIG 13
Molecular Structure and Chemical Properties
Charge, Spin & Momentum Density
Mineral and Inorganic Crystallography
Powder Diffraction
SIG 11
Crystallography under Extreme Conditions
Young Crystallographers
Aperiodic Crystals
Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques
Crystallographic Computing
SIG 12
Materials Science
Senior Crystallographers