I would like to become a member of the European Crystallographic Association.
I know that at present the annual fee is 10 euro. Payment of five year membership of 50 EUR is preferred.

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 I am interested in the following SIGs:

SIG #1 Macromolecular Crystallography
SIG #2 Charge, Spin & Momentum Density
SIG #3 Aperiodic Crystals
SIG #4 Electron Crystallography
SIG #5 Mineralogic and Inorganic Crystallography
SIG #6 Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques
SIG #7 Molecular Interaction and Recognition
SIG #8 Powder Diffraction (EPDIC)
SIG #9 Crystallographic Computing
SIG #11 Crystallography under Extreme Conditions
SIG #12 Crystallography of Functional Materials
SIG #13 Molecular Structure and Chemical Properties

GIG #1 Young Crystallographers
GIG #2 Senior Crystallographers


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