Instructions for Text Preparation

Each abstract is expected to take one A4 page of the abstract book, including Figure(s)

There are two ways of writing a contribution.
  1. By using template (preferred)
    You may download template (below). Open template and write the text there or paste it (better by using the 'Edit' / 'Paste special' / 'Unformatted text' option of Word). In both cases you should use prepared styles as indicated in the template.
  2. Without template
    The template below should be downloaded as well since there are some other instructions inside. However, if you do not use the predefined styles, you should minimize your own formatting (e.g. you should not vary the font size, apply headings other than predefined ones etc.) and avoid using of your own styles!!! This means, please, avoid any formatting except: emphasizing words (italics is preferred to bold face), indices (they should be typed as necessary) and special characters (e.g. Greek).

The form of manuscript is relatively free. However, they should have the following structure:

  1. Title
  2. Authors names (first name or initials followed by family)
  3. Affiliations of all authors. In case of more addresses, numbers as upper indices should be used in order to distinguish corresponding authors and affiliations.
  4. Text
  5. References

In case of very large files, some public delivery system should be used

RTF format is quite general and can be used. Otherwise, all formats corresponding to the below templates are allowed. You can also prepare the text in LaTeX, if you prefer it. Please, do not send PDF only, we always need also source file (doc or similar). The figures should be inserted in the text. If they are send separately, they should be zipped together with the text. The final width of the figures will be 8 cm (only exceptionally 16 cm). Please, use pictures with resolution of 300 DPI for photos and higher (600-1200 DPI) for drawings, fot the above possible picture sizes. 
The references should be indicated by numbers in brackets and the list of references given accordingly at the end of contribution (without brackets). 


MS-Word (2003 and above)
Libre Office (Open Office)

Sample of contribution in RTF (unformatted, without template)

Sample of output from Materials Structure (PDF)

A few typing rules for MS

In case of difficulties, e-mail can be used