Contributions for the 19th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

Updated on February 21, 19:00

K. Adámková
Structural study of RNA-preferring nuclease SmNuc1 from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

M. Benko
Crystallization and preliminary X-ray diffraction analysis of human cytomegalovirus UL144, an HVEM orthologue

D. Berdár
Method for analysis of DNA interactions using probability density maps

L. Biedermannová
Prediction of DNA hydration based on data mining of crystallographic structures

A. Bitala
Crystallization and binding characterization of recombinant variants of rhesus cytomegalovirus glycoprotein UL144

M. S. Blanco
Structure of phiKZ tail sheath and tail tube

T. Brom
Insight into inherited anemia CDA-I: disease-associated mutations disrupt Codanin1-CDIN1 complex

O. Bulvas
Complex allosteric regulation of mycobacterial inosine-5′-monophosphate dehydrogenase by purine nucleotides

L. Bumba
Structure of BscX and BscY of the Bordetella Type 3 secretion apparatus

T. Charnavets
Biophysical techniques at Centre of molecular structure of BIOCEV

O. Cehlár
Short truncated tau fragment 321-391 aggregates in the presence of heparin despite the lack of VQIxxK sequence

E. A. Curtis
Exploring sequence space using secondary structure libraries and single-step selections

M. Černeková
Structural Variability of the Ribosome Exit Tunnel Constriction Site

A. Das
Viral transcription-translation coupling in mammalian cells

J. Dohnálek
What governs protein:protein interactions of C-type lectin-like domains?

M. Doležal
Structural basis for allosteric regulation of mycobacterial guanosine-5’-monophosphate reductase

J. Dostál
Crystal structure of β-carbonic anhydrase from Candida parapsilosis

M. Dudák
Pushing the Boundaries in Biomolecular Interaction Analysis with GCI and waveRAPID

R. Fiala
Josef Dadok National NMR Centre

G. Fuertes
The ELIBIO odyssey: a 6-year recap

Z. Futera
Electron Transport Mechanisms in Protein Junctions Investigated by Computational Techniques Based on Density Functional Theory

T. Füzik
Structure of tick-borne encephalitis virus immature particle solved by cryo-electron microscopy and sub-tomogram averaging

T. de Garay
Mass photometry – revolutionary biophysical characterization of single molecules

M. Gondová
Structures of La Jolla virus and Motts Mill virus infecting Drosophila suzukii

A. H. Hassan
RimM and RsfS ribosomal factors regulate the translation in bacteria

P. Havlíčková
Crystal structure of Smolstatin – protease inhibitor from the myxozoan parasite Sphaerospora molnari

K. Honzejková
Cryo-EM structure of ASK1 suggests a role of inter-domain interactions and TRX1 in its regulation

J. Houser
ARBRE – Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe

D. Hrebík
Cryo-EM of enveloped and non-enveloped viruses in situ and in vitro

J. Hritz
Conformational changes upon phosphorylation of proline rich region of tau(210-240) peptide using molecular dynamic simulation

J. Hrubý
Exchanging Metals in Zn-Dependent S1 Nuclease: Effects on Structure and Activity

M. Janošev
The role of calcium and 14-3-3 in the regulation of human ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2

G. N. Jonnalagadda
Charge Transport Properties of Cytochrome b562 in Metal Junctions

B. Kaščáková
Avian orthoreovirus non-structural proteins σNS and μNS - structure and function

M. Kloz
Sequential all-trans to 13-cis to 11-cis photoisomerization in bestrhodopsin, an unusual red-absorbing microbial light-gated anion channel as revealed by femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy

K. Kohoutová
Structural Characterization of FOXO4-DBD:p53-TAD Interaction

M. H. Kolář
Atomistic computer simulations of the ribosome

P. Kolenko
Paired refinement in CCP4i2

O. V. Kontkanen
Reorganization Free Energy for Azurin Oxidation at Gold Interfaces Evaluated by Perturbed Matrix Method

D. Košek
Structure determination of ASK1 using cryo-EM

A. Koutská
Molecular and structural study of ferritin II secreted from Ixodes Ricinus

T. Kovaľ
Fine tuning of the multicopper oxidase activity through the precise mutation of its active site vicinity

I. Kratochvílová
Timing of ICSI with respect to meiotic spindle status

P. Křepelka
Serial cryo-FIB-SEM microscopy of biological volumes

L. Lisá
Phages expressing fluorescent proteins as tools to unveil the mysterious phage-biofilm interaction

D. Mahor
LmrC: Signaling or Antibiotic resistance?

M. Majerová
An extant enzyme with dual dehalogenase‒luciferase function

M. Marek
Illuminating the mechanism of NanoLuc luciferase action

M. Mateášová
Exploring isoform-selective inhibition of carbonic anhydrases with molecular docking

H. McGrath
Binding of Peptide Deformylase to the Ribosome Surface Modulates Exit Tunnel Interior

F. Melicher
Structural characterization of lectin from Photorhabdus laumondii

K. Mešková
Co-crystallization strategies to supplement the structure of tau protein filaments by X-ray crystallography

M. Mitro
Functional impact of specific N-terminal phosphorylation on TRPC5 ion channel activity

J. Moravcová
Analysis of insulin in pancreatic cell by cryo-correlative light-electron microscopy

L. Motlová
Oxadiazole-based inhibitors of histone deacetylase 6 are hydrolyzed upon enzyme engagement

H. Nedozrálová
Pathological tau protein fibrils – structure and cellular context

T. Nepokojová
CF Protein Production in Centre of Molecular Structure: Proteins for your research

L. Nepovímová
Mechanism of antibody-mediated neutralisation of the tick-borne encephalitis virus revealed by Cryo-EM

J. Nováček
Cloudification of the raw cryo-EM data and metadata using iRODS

M. Novotná
Molecular mechanism of gene expression induced by lincosamide antibiotics targeting the 50S ribosomal subunit

J. Nowak
Application of Monolith and Panta biophysical platforms in the structural characterization of the RNA modifying enzymes

E. Paulenová
Dual specificity of PLL2 lectin

J. Pavlíček
Crystallization of Proteins and Nucleic Acids at the Centre of Molecular Structure, IBT CAS

P. N. Pham
Regulation of IL-24/IL-20R2 complex assembly via photoxenoprotein engineering

M. Polák
Towards sturctural studies of hnRNP protein complexes

P. Pompach
Mass Spectrometry for Protein Structure Analysis

A. Ptáková
Elucidating the molecular basis of voltage- and lysophospholipid-induced TRPC5 channel gating

J. Roberts
SUPR-DSF - Differential Scanning Fluorimetry for high-throughput protein stability screening

B. Schneider
Quality of nucleic acid structures in the PDB public archive

D. Singh
Glacios enhancements for high throughput, high resolution structure determination supporting multiple acquisition methods without performance compromise

A. Sobotková
Structure of the phage LUZ19 infecting multi-antibiotic resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa

V. Spiwok
Jumpcount: Estimation of Uncertainties in Biomolecular Simulations

J. Stránský
CF Diffraction Techniques in Centre of Molecular Structure: Employing high-end X-ray technologies for laboratory structural biology

L. Šmerdová
Imaging process of phage infection of S. Aureus biofilm by light sheet fluorescence microscopy

G. Tedeschi
Analysis and Sampling of Molecular Simulations by adversarial Autoencoders

T. Trebichalská
In-situ cryo-electron tomography of Enterovirus replication

L. Valentová
Hunting strategy of phage JBD30 revealed by combination of cryo-electron and fluorescent microscopy

J. Wald
Mechanism of RuvAB Holliday junction branch migration

J. Zahradník
Plasticity of SARS-CoV2 Spike's RBD domain and ACE2 interaction and its implications

J. Zemaník
Structure of the Pre-reaction Complex of FucT