EMnetik 24 System - DNA Cleanup for Genetic Engineering

M. Máša

Beckman Coulter Česká republika s.r.o., Radiová 1, Praha 10, Czech Republic


Beckman Coulter Life Sciences launches the EMnetik System to semi-automate workflows for EMnetik PCR Cleanup Kit and EMnetik Plasmid Purification Kit. These kits use revolutionary magnetic bead-based technology to clean nucleic acids. The small powerful benchtop instrument – Emnetik 24 can run 1 to 24 samples at a time, use electromagnets to mix and separate magnetic beads and navigates user displaying individual steps of the protocol on its screen. Touchpoints to complete PCR cleanup are significantly reduced by up to 80% compared to leading spin-column products. Therefore 24 samples can be proceeded in only 16 minutes.

Figure 1. EMnetik 24 instrument and kits