Structural Mass Spectrometry – An Advanced Tool in Protein Structure Analysis

Petr Pompach, Pavla Vaňková, Jan Dohnálek

Institute of Biotechnology, Czech Academy of Sciences, BIOCEV


Structural mass spectrometry is a fast-growing field on analytical chemistry representing a new approach for protein structural studies. 

The Structural Mass Spectrometry facility offers access to an ultra-high resolution 15T-Solarix XR FT-ICR (Bruker Daltonics), timsToF Pro (Bruker Daltonics) and to a MALDI-TOF Bruker Autoflex Speed (Bruker Daltonics) mass spectrometers. 

This instrumentation allows determination of precise mass of biological macromolecules, characterization of posttranslational modifications, peptide mass fingerprinting, detection of small molecule/metabolites and monitoring of protein structural changes/protein-protein interactions under physiological conditions by hydrogen-deuterium exchange, chemical cross-linking and native mass spectrometry. 

In the Centre of Molecular Structure, the tools of structural mass spectrometry are well established and allow to look beyond the edge of traditional structural techniques.