Contributions for the 18th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology

Updated on March 2, morning

K. Adámková
Zinc-dependent nuclease from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: Structural analysis of the active site

L. Bartoš
Designing transmembrane proteins to enhance transport of peptides across cell membranes

V. Bauerová-Hlinková
Structure-functional insights into the dantrolene binding site of the human cardiac ryanodine receptor: towards a deeper understanding of heart arrhythmias

J. Bejček
Design and evaluation of RNA-dependent RNA polymerase inhibitors of Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2

D. Berdár
Structural variability of base pairs in DNA

J. Bíňovský
Baseplate structure of bacteriophage phi812 and mechanism of cell wall binding and penetration

A. Bitala
Immunoprecipitation pull-down assay revealed binding between human CD160 and viral UL144

T. Brom
Critical interactions of neuronal transcription factor REST with stabilizer TRF2

Z. Cieniková
Structures of phage 812 neck suggest a mechanism for genome retention and release in Herelleviridae

O. Cehlár
Biophysical characterization of novel monoclonal antibodies targeting epitopes on the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein

T. Charnavets
Biophysical research facilities at Centre of molecular structure

R. Crha
Changes of the transient secondary structure motifs within Tau protein induced by its phosphorylation

E. A. Curtis
Supernova: a deoxyribozyme that catalyzes a chemiluminescent reaction

G. Demo
Cryo-EM ensemble reveals the mechanism of +1 ribosomal frame shifting

A. Dhillon
Understanding the structural basis of interaction between adenovirus 5 type C and host receptors in viral entry and immune defence

C. P. Feidakis
AHoJ: Rapid, tailored search and retrieval of apo and holo protein structures

E. Fujdiarová
Detailed analysis of binding sites in the PLL family

Z. Futera
Mechanisms of Charge Transfer through Multiheme Protein Junctions, Their Distance and Band-Alignment Dependencies

T. Füzik
Structure of tick-borne encephalitis virus immature particle solved by cryo-electron microscopy and sub-tomogram averaging

L. Gajdoš
Neutron diffraction for deciphering lectin-carbohydrate interactions in bacterial infection

N. Gašparik
19F labelling of disordered and hybrid proteins for 19F NMR spectroscopy

Z. Hlavenková
Thermo Scientific™ Tundra Cryo-TEM: 100kV Cryo-TEM dedicated for Single Particle Analysis

M. Homola
Mechanism of virion formation of the Emiliania huxleyi virus 201 enveloped by two membranes

K. Honzejková
Thioredoxin inhibits ASK1 by keeping it in reduced state

J. Houser
Methods for characterization of biomolecules at BIC Core Facility, CEITEC MU

P. Hrasnova
Structural and Biophysical Aspects of Lactoferrin and Its Interaction with Plasminogen

J. Hrubý
Ni-Replacement in Zn-Dependent S1 Nuclease

M. Huličiak
New Class of Structurally Robust Non-Antibody Protein Scaffolds for Directed Evolution

B. Husťáková
Biochemical characterization of S1-P1 nuclease from human opportunistic pathogen Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

A. Hušková
Structural architecture of NEIL3 glycosylase in abasic site DNA repair

M. Johnson
Neutrons for Structural Biology at the Institut Laue Langevin

R. Joshi
Nedd4-2 binding to 14-3-3 modulates the accessibility of its catalytic site and WW domains

P. King
Microfluidic Modulation Spectroscopy (MMS): A Novel IR-Based Technique Providing Automated, Highly-Sensitive Protein Secondary Structure Characterisation in in situ Conditions

M. Kloz
Structural changes of carotenoid echinenone in Orange Carotenoid Protein studied by femtosecond Raman spectroscopy

J. Koblížek
2.4 Å structure of the double concentric ringed light harvesting complex from phototrophic bacterium Gemmatimonas phototrophica

K. Kohoutová
Modulating FOXO3 Transcriptional Activity by Small, DBD-binding Molecules

O. V. Kontkanen
Structural Changes and Their Consequences for Azurin Oxidation in Vacuum and on Gold Interfaces

D. Košek
Mechanism of replicative "rolling-circle" DNA transposition in eukaryotes

E. Koutná
Conservation of H3K36 di- and trimethylated nucleosome recognition by PWWP

T. Kovaľ
Bacterial helicase-like transcription-associated factor HelD

A. Kozeleková
Phosphomimicking Mutations ≠ Phosphorylation – a case study of 14‑3‑3 protein

K. Krejčová
Non-Nucleotide RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase Inhibitors That Block SARS-CoV-2 and Flaviviral Replication

G. Kučinskas
Structure of recombinant Tau40 protein fibrils prepared without enhancers of fibrilization

B. Landová
Structural studies of MutM and abasic site interstrand crosslink

Z. Lánský
Tau generates protective envelopes on microtubules

M. Lepšík
On the Importance of Physically Correct Models for Protein-Ligand Binding

K. Linhartová
Recognition of RNA Polymerase II C-terminal domain by RPRD2

Y. Liu
Effect of a LOV Protein Matrix on Flavin Photocycle Probed by Transient Resonance Raman Spectroscopy and Theoretical Calculations

M. Malý
Integrative structural analysis of antibiotic-inactivating enzyme from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

M. Malý
"ReDNATCO" - making DNATCO more useful for crystallographers

R. Mandal
Biophysical characterization of the FOXO4:p53 complex

M. Marek
Can misfolded enzymes be beneficial? Yes, they can

M. Máša
EMnetik 24 System - DNA Cleanup for Genetic Engineering

O. Matsarskaia
SARS-CoV-2 and more: how neutron provide insights into biological questions

A. Náplavová
Multiple approaches for protein phosphorylation: a story of 14-3-3

S. Njemoga
Multiapproach docking study for binding of intrinsically disordered tau peptides to monoclonal antibodies

Z. Nováková
Prostate cancer: development of PSMA-directed antibody-based molecules intended for immunotherapy

R. Novotný
Structure and biological functions of TBEV Capsid protein

K. Orsághová
Immunomodulatory cathepsin B from the hous dust mite dermatophagoides farinae: Functional and structural characterization

P. Pajtinka
Synergistic antimicrobial activity of magainin 2 and PGLa revisited

J. Pavlíček
New Instrumentation Available in Centre of Molecular Structure, Institute of Biotechnology CAS (Biocev)

O. Petrvalská
14-3-3 directly interacts with the kinase domain of CaMKK1 and inhibits calmodulin binding

J. Plucarová
Interactions of adaptor protein Grb2 with microtubule associated protein 2c

P. Pohl
14-3-3-protein regulates Nedd4-2 by modulating interactions between HECT and WW domains

P. Pompach
Structural Mass Spectrometry – An Advanced Tool in Protein Structure Analysis

J. Přibyl
Atomic force microscopy in structural biology

L. Rulíšek
Exploring Reaction Mechanisms of Metalloproteins by Correlating Theory and Experiment

A. Santamaria
Strikingly different roles of SARS-CoV-2 fusion peptides uncovered by neutron scattering

V. Schrenková
Raman Optical Activity of Nucleotides – Theoretical and Experimental Study

T. Skálová
Crystal structure of human natural killer cell receptor NKp30 in complex with its tumor ligand B7-H6

A. Sobotková
Visualization of phage propagation in a staphylococcus aureus biofilm

V. Spiwok
Metadynamics Driven by AlphaFold Output

S. Slušná
Mechanism of aggregation of tau protein forms associated with Alzheimer’s disease and influence of the local structural motif on tau functions

J. Stránský
CF Diffraction Techniques in Centre of Molecular Structure: Employing high-end X-ray technologies for laboratory structural biology

H. Sülzen
To each their own: Overcoming challenges in structural characterisation of closely related protein-protein complexes using single particle cryo-EM

J. Šimek
To homodimerize or to heterodimerize: story of 14-3-3 protein dimer formation

P. Škvara
Viral capsids as tools for structural biology

M. Šoltysová
How do SorC proteins recognize their DNA operators?

K. Špeldová
Searching for the specific inhibitor of S1-P1 nuclease using fragment screening

L. Švecová
Fragment-based characterization of substrate for novel FAD-dependent oxidoreductase from Chaetomium thermophilum

R. Štefl
Cryo-EM of mouse RNase III–RNA complexes

Z. Trebichalská
In situ cryo-electron tomography of enterovirus cell entry

D. Tužinčin
Seeing the invisible – Study of transiently formed protein conformation found in domain 1.1 of bacterial transcription factor

R. Vácha
How Viruses and Virus-like Nanoparticles Can Release Their Cargo/Genome

L. Valentová
A hunting strategy and virion structure of P. aeruginosa bacteriophage JBD30 revealed by cryo-electron microscopy

V. Veverka
A ubiquitous disordered protein interaction module orchestrates transcription elongation

P. Wardega
Characterize your most challenging interactions. The New Monolith

M. Zanova
Cryo-EM refinement and model building of protein-RNA complexes

S. Zoll
The structural basis of complement inhibition by the human parasite Trypanosoma brucei gambiense