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Institute of Physical Biology, University of Southern Bohemia, České Budějovice
Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association
Czech FOBIA (Free&OPen Bioinformatic Association)

cordially invite you to

6th Discussions in Structural Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics

Guidelines for Participants

Technical equipment

The lecturers will have available MS Windows PC with ZIP drive, CD drive and USB port. Beamer and overhead projector will also be available.


All posters have to have dimensions 90 x 120 cm.

Submission information

All texts have to be in English. It is necessary to send/submit them in electronic form.


Abstract submissionis are mandatory for all authors that will present their work on the meeting. Abstract will pass only fast peer-review, will be published in special issue of "Materials Structure", and will be available for the participants on the Meeting. However, we expect also more extended contributions. The authors of the extended abstracts do not have to deliver shorter abstract.

Abstracts cannot be referenced in the database of scientific literature, RIV, which is used for evaluation of scientific work in the Czech Republic. In contrast, references to extended, structured contributions containing original results SHOULD be given to the RIV database.

Other submissions

Extended structured contributions are welcome. These submissions have to pass short peer-review process and will be published in the first part of the issue.
Expected length can be 4-6 pages (in template).

Extended abstracts should be structured (Short abstract and keywords and for example Introduction, Experiment, Results, Discussion, Conclusions)
It should definitely contain results. Sentences like "will be discussed in the lecture" are not acceptable for this kind of contribution.
Short kind of review is possible too.

Full papers, review papers
have to pass full peer-review process and will be published in some of the next issues of "Materials Structure".
The authors of full papers should also send an abstract to be published in the conference issue.

General instructions

Electronic version of the "Materials Structure" journal is available at

You should use this template!!!

The header shoud be in the following format:

P. Stresník1 and K. Jalový2 
1Department of Cim Minerals, Faculty of Cimrmanology, Cimrman University, 100 18 Praha
2Department of Cimrman Engineering, University of JdC, 616 26 Brno

References should be given as numbers in square brackets. Full list of references should be given at the end of the text. The format is

journal articles: J.R. Xray, R. Powder & A. Diffractometer, Acta Jizer., 25 (1994) 32-45.

books: A. Monokrystalový : Ideologické aspekty fázové analýzy. Rybitví 1953. Publ. Rudý prášek.

There are no rules for other types of references. Please be exact and clear.

Text can be written in any editor. Please do not submit TeX/LaTeX documents. Figures and tables should be numbered successively. Comments can be included directly in the text or their list can be appended to the end of the text. Also the tables and figures can be placed directly to the text or appended to the end of the file. We kindly ask you to submit high quality graphics suitable for print output. Any of the common graphics formats (.PCX, .GIF, .BMP, .WMF, .ORG, .CDR, etc.) can be used.


Please send your submissions to

R. Kuľel, MFF UK, Ke Karlovu 5, 121 16 Praha 2, Czech Republic
E-mail (as an attachment) The e-mail address was scrambled to prevent spam, so please the address line of your mail client. Just replace the -#NOSPAM#- string with the "at" sign.

You can also use our web submission form. Files should be named using the name of the author and a number (e.g., The file size limit is 3 MB. Please, do not send .EXE files. Only documents or .ZIP archived documents are accepted. Please be patient when uploading big files.

Find the corresponding file on your computer using Browse and upload it using Upload using the web submission form. Please note that the submitted file must not be opened by any other application. Submitted abstract do not appear in the list immediately. It can take hours or a few days.

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