25th IUCr Congress
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The congress is going hybrid

 Full PDF with abstracts as prepared for Acta Crystallographica

Officially published on the IUCr site

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June 25, 2021 - over 1800 pre-registered people and over 1200 submitted abstracts

We are preparing workshops and trips

More about safe hybrid conferences in Prague Congress Centre


Congress Postponing

The official congress pages are redirected to new modern style site.
This original compact site will still be updated and run at https://www.xray.cz/iucr

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For quick access Registration icon is on the IUCr2020 home page.

The system will be used for abstract submission, bursary applications (already open), registrations (congress, workshops, events, trips) and payments.

A new gallery of views from PCC (September 17)

IUCr booth at ACA meeting in Covington, July 2019

Photos from the workshop on May 14, IPC meeting

Booklet for Sponsors and Exhibitors published


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View of Prague from the IUCr2020 exhibition area, May, 2019


View of Prague from the IUCr2020 exhibition area, December 28, 2018

Organizers in Prague Congress Centre (PCC), September 14, 2018


ECM31 in Oviedo

Core team of the 25th IUCr congress organization

From the IUCr Executive commitee meeting

Old a new members of the ECA Executive Committee