MS list - Chemical Crystallography, Structures




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1 Solution of pharmaceutical and organic crystals by electron diffraction CEC  
2 Molecular magnets and metal-organic frameworks including quantum crystallography approaches CMS CQC CSC
3 Graphs, tilings and crystal ctructures CMTC CQC
4 2D type crystals and their heterostructures CCGCM  
5 Crystal structure prediction CCM CCC
6 New trends in pharmaceutical materials CSC  
7 Solid state reactions and dynamics CSC  
8 Crystallographic approaches for designing new framework materials (including post-synthetic modification) CSC  
9 Crystallization mechanisms of small molecule systems CSC  
10 Ab initio powder structure analysis for polymorphism and phase transformation studies with pharmaceutical applications CSC CEC
11 Function and application of porous crystals CSC  
12 Stimuli-responsive crystalline compounds CSC  
13 Porous framework materials for gas adsorption/separation CSC CNMR
14 Dynamic frameworks CSC  
15 Crystal chemistry with emerging technology CSC  
16 Integrative methodologies for novel thin film structures CSAS CCM CPD CSC
17 Non-covalent interactions in crystal engineering CSC  
18 Theory and practice of supramolecular synthons in crystal engineering CSC  
19 Quantum crystallographic studies on intra/inter-molecular interactions CQC CSC
20 Complex structures of minerals and inorganic materials CIMS  
21 Modular structure of inorganic and mineral compounds CIMS CMTC
22 Structure, modeling and properties of quasi crystals CAC  
23 Organic minerals, metal-organic frameworks, and metal-oxygen clusters: the emergent interface of geochemistry and crystal engineering CIMS CSC
24 Polymorphism and structural transformation of organic crystals from synthesis to characterization CNMR CSC
25 Composite and Incommensurate modulated crystals: structural and physical properties CAC  
  Special sessions    
26 Exemplary practice in chemical, biological and materials database archiving CommDat CBM
  Poster only    
27 Fascinating structures for their beauty CSC  
28 Bio-inspired & bio-compatible materials CSC  
29 Solid state photochemistry - reactions, luminescence, optical property, etc    
30 Crystallographic analysis of thin films and surfaces    
31 Advanced method for structure determination and refinemenet