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1 Frustrated magnetic order and emerging science CMS CCGCM CNS
2 Molecular magnets and metal-organic frameworks including quantum crystallography approaches CMS CQC CSC
3 Structural, electronic and magnetic ordering: From fundamental physics to functionality CMS CIMS CNS
4 Topological magnetic order and quasiparticles CSAS CMS CNS
5 Methods and software developments for magnetic-structure analysis CMS CAC CCC CNS
6 Symmetry aspects of magnetic order and magnetic properties CMS CAC CMTC CPD
7 Magnetic structures at extreme conditions and in extreme samples CMS CHP CIMS CNS
8 Magnetic structures of novel and functional materials CMS CIMS CNS
9 Beyond pure point diffraction: Theory and application of diffuse scattering CMTC CAC CQC
10 Graphs, tilings and crystal structures CMTC CQC
11 Generalizations of crystallographic groups and their applications CMTC CQC
12 Facets and twinning in bulk crystal growth CCGCM CAC CQC
13 Perovskites CPD  
14 Phase transitions in complex materials (structure and magnetism) CPD  
15 Crystal structure prediction CCM CCC
16 Characterization and consequences of non-hydrostatic stress on crystals CHP CCM
17 Hydrogen rich compounds: design, properties & phase transitions at high pressures CCM  
18 Topological materials: prediction. synthesis, characterizations CCM  
19 Crystallography using large volume presses and diamond anvil cells CHP  
20 Integrative methodologies for novel thin film structures CSAS CCM CPD CSC
21 Small- and Wide-Angle Scattering for industrial materials far from equilibrium CSAS  
22 Quantum crystallography in materials science CQC CAC
23 Crystallography and dynamic compression CHP  
24 Structure, modeling and properties of quasi crystals CAC  
25 Large scale facilities for quantum crystallography research CQC  
26 Composite and Incommensurate modulated crystals: structural and physical properties CAC  
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27 Structure and phase transitions in advanced materials    
28 Solid state photochemistry - reactions, luminescence, optical property, etc    
29 Crystallographic analysis of films and surfaces