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1 Advanced neutron sources in biological and materials sciences CNS  
2 Advanced methods for analysis of XAFS and crystallographic data CXAFS CommDat
3 Catalysis: functionalized materials studied by XRD and XAFS CXAFS  
4 XAS and crystallography allied for geomaterials and environmental problems CXAFS CIMS CPD
5 CryoEM for macromolecules - from single particles to microcrystals CEC CBM CSynr
6 Solution of pharmaceutical and organic crystals by electron diffraction CEC  
7 Combination of X-ray and electrons for structure characterization CEC CPD CSynr
8 Diffuse scattering at the electron diffraction data CEC CAC CommDat
9 In-situ and time resolved electron crystallography CEC  
10 Recent advances in electron crystallography techniques CEC  
11 Disordered materials: spectroscopic and scattering techniques CXAFS CEC CNS CPD
12 Methods and software developments for magnetic-structure analysis CMS CAC CCC CNS
13 Magnetic structures at extreme conditions and in extreme samples CMS CHP CIMS CNS
14 Application of electron crystallography to functional materials CEC CCGCM CIMS
15 New applications of coherent scattering CSynr CBM CMS
16 Validation of CryoEM structures and maps CBM CEC CommDat
17 Beyond pure point diffraction: Theory and application of diffuse scattering CMTC CAC CQC
18 New methods and strategies in NMR crystallography CNMR  
19 Global cultural heritage challenges and crystallography: Where do we stand? CCACH  
20 Ptychography: present and near future CSynr CEC
21 Time-dependent phenomena in the fs to ns regime (studied using ultrashort x-ray pulses) CSynr CBM CSC
22 Matter at extreme conditions at SR and XFEL: complementarity of spectroscopy and diffraction CSynr CQC CHP CPD CXAFS
23 In-situ and operando studies of battery materials CPD CNS
24 X-ray spectrometry and X-ray diffraction in Art and Archaeology CCACH CXAFS
25 Spectroscopy applied to electrochemistry: operando studies CXAFS CNMR
26 Diffraction imaging, grain mapping in materials and art CPD  
27 Phase transitions in complex materials (structure and magnetism) CPD  
28 Total scattering CPD CNS
29 Structure solution and poorly crystalline materials CPD  
30 Characterization and consequences of non-hydrostatic stress on crystals CHP CCM
31 Solution scattering and combined techniques for biological systems, including component dynamics CSAS CBM CQC
32 Combining X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy to characterise materials CPD CPD
33 Crystallography using large volume presses and diamond anvil cells CHP  
34 Crystallization mechanisms of small molecule organic materials CSC  
35 Ab initio powder structure analysis - polymorphism, phase transformation, pharmaceutical applications, etc CSC CEC
36 Time-resolved phase evolution, interaction & crystallization in soft matter: integrative approaches CSAS CQC
37 Integrative methodologies for novel thin film structures CSAS CCM CPD CSC
38 Small- and Wide-Angle Scattering for industrial materials far from equilibrium CSAS  
39 4th generation SR and XFEL facilities CSynr CBM CXAFS
40 Quantum crystallography in materials science CQC CAC
41 Crystallography and dynamic compression CHP  
  Special sessions    
42 Advances in data and model validation in biomolecular Small-Angle Scattering: Impacts on data and meta-data recording and data archiving CSAS CQC, CommDat
  Poster session only    
43 Combination of powder diffraction with other methods    
44 Advanced method for structure determination and refinement