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Details Advanced methods for analysis of XAFS and crystallographic data CXAFS CommDat
Details Automation in bio-crystallography: tools, perspectives and applications CCC CBM
Details Beyond pure point diffraction: Theory and application of diffuse scattering CMTC CAC CQC
Details Crystal structure prediction CCM CCC
Details Data-driven discovery in crystallography CCC CCC CCM CIMS CommDat
Details Exemplary practice in chemical, biological and materials database archiving CommDat CBM
Details Fragment Screening, LCP, and Automation CBM CQC CSynr CommDat
Details Generalizations of crystallographic groups and their applications CMTC CQC
Details Handling of big data in crystallography CCC CSynr CommDat
Details High troughput vs. careful planning: How to get the best data? CCC CSynr CommDat
Details Large scale facilities for quantum crystallography research CQC
Details Machine learning in biological and structural sciences  CCC CBM CCT
Details Methods and software developments for magnetic-structure analysis CMS CAC CCC CNS
Details Online crystallography: Tools, apps and web services CCC
Details Pre and post publication peer review of crystallographic data CommDat CAC CBM
Details Quantum crystallographic studies on intra/inter-molecular interactions CQC CSC
Details Quantum crystallography challenges and newest accomplishments CQC CAC
Details Quantum crystallography in materials science CQC CAC
Details Structural bioinformatics CCC CBM
Details Structure, modeling and properties of quasicrystals CAC