MS list - Biocrystallography, biomaterials



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1 Advanced neutron sources in biological and materials sciences CNS  
2 Machine learning in biological and structural sciences  CCC CBM CCT
3 Structural bioinformatics CCC CBM
4 Fragment screening - 1 project, 100 datasets CBM CQC CSynr CommDat
5 Reproducible science - diffraction data quality and structure validation CBM CommDat
6 Ultra-high resolution macromolecular crystallography and quantum biocrystallography CBM CBM CQC CSynr CommDat
7 Validation of cryoEM structures and maps CBM CEC CommDat
8 Automation in bio-crystallography: tools, perspectives and applications CCC CBM
9 CryoEM for macromolecules - from single particles to microcrystals CEC CBM CSynr
10 Integrative structural biology: The next 50 years of the Protein Data Bank CBM CSynr CommDat
11 Crystallization techniques abnd in cellulo protein crystallization CBM CCGCM
12 Solution scattering and combined techniques for biological systems, including component dynamics CSAS CBM CQC
13 Nucleic acids and protein - nuclear acid interactions CBM CBM
14 Structural biology of viruses - in memory of Michael Rossmann CBM  
15 Structural biology of proteostasis, ubiquitination, protein quality control CBM  
16 Structural biology of eukaryotic immune systems CBM  
17 Structural biology of receptors, signaling and membrane proteins CBM  
18 Structure guided drug design and antibiotic resistance targets CBM  
19 Structural biology of enzymes, mechanism and regulation CBM  
20 Protein design and engineering CBM  
21 The mineral/life interface - prebiotic chemistry, biomineralization, advanced biomimetic materials CCGCM CQC CIMS CXAFS
  Special sessions    
22 Advances in data and model validation in biomolecular Small-Angle Scattering: Impacts on data and meta-data recording and data archiving CSAS CBM, CQC
23 Exemplary practice in chemical, biological and materials database archiving CommDat CBM
24 Introduction to machine learning CCC CBM, CCT
  Posters only    
25 Hot structures of biological importance    
26 Bio-inspired & bio-compatible materials