24th Heart of Europe Bio-Crystallography Meeting


Plenary Lecture





Prof. Dr. Kay Diederichs

University of Konstanz, Germany

Kay Diederichs finished his doctorate thesis at the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Freiburg. Since 1995 he works in Konstanz, where he is a professor of Molecular Bioinformatics at the Department of Biology, University of Konstanz. His main work is focused on structural biology and bioinformatics. He is a co-author of the XDS program package.

At the HEC24 meeting Kay will give lecture named ďA better understanding of X-ray data quality indicators" that will explain the concepts behind X-ray data quality indicators, which are still not appreciated by many practicing crystallographers, are frightening for novice crystallographers, and lead to unfortunate decisions in data collection
and processing as well as refinement if not understood correctly. Warning: the talk may destroy some myths!