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Detail Composite and incommensurate modulated crystals: structural and physical properties CAC
Detail Session in the memory of  An-Pang Tsai: from quasicrystals to catalysis CAC
Detail Structure, modeling and properties of quasicrystals CAC
Detail Structural biology of proteostasis, ubiquitination, protein quality control CBM
Detail Protein design and engineering CBM
Detail Structural biology of eukaryotic immune systems CBM
Detail Validation of cryoEM structures and maps CBM CEC CommDat
Detail Macromolecular machines and hybrid methods to crystallography CBM
Detail Structural biology of receptors, signaling and membrane proteins CBM
Detail Ultra-high resolution macromolecular crystallography and quantum biocrystallography CBM CBM CQC CSynr CommDat
Detail Reproducible science - diffraction data quality and structure validation CBM CommDat
Detail Structural biology of viruses - in memory of Michael Rossmann CBM
Detail Fragment Screening, LCP, and Automation CBM CQC CSynr CommDat
Detail Nucleic acids and binding proteins structure and function CBM CBM
Detail Novel techniques and insights into in vitro and in situ crystallisation for X-ray and electron diffraction CBM CCGCM
Detail Integrative structural biology: The next 50 years of the Protein Data Bank CBM CSynr CommDat
Detail Macromolecular neutron diffraction CBM CNS CommDat
Detail Structural biology of enzymes, mechanism and regulation CBM
Detail Structure guided drug design and antibiotic resistance targets CBM
Detail Global cultural heritage challenges and crystallography: Where do we stand? CCACH
Detail X-ray spectrometry and X-ray diffraction in art and archaeology CCACH CXAFS
Detail Science meets art: Crystallography and cultural heritage CCACH CAC CMTC
Detail Data-driven discovery in crystallography CCC CCC CCM CIMS CommDat
Detail Automation in bio-crystallography: tools, perspectives and applications CCC CBM
Detail Machine learning in biological and structural sciences  CCC CBM CCT
Detail Handling of big data in crystallography CCC CSynr CommDat
Detail High troughput vs. careful planning: How to get the best data? CCC CSynr CommDat
Detail Online crystallography: Tools, apps and web services CCC
Detail Structural bioinformatics CCC CBM
Detail The mineral/life interface - prebiotic chemistry, biomineralization, advanced biomimetic materials CCGCM CQC CIMS CXAFS
Detail 2D type crystals and their heterostructures CCGCM
Detail Hydrogen rich compounds: design, properties & phase transitions at high pressures CCM
Detail Topological materials: prediction. synthesis, characterizations CCM
Detail Nanocrystalline materials CCM
Detail Crystal structure prediction CCM CCC
Detail Energy materials CCM CEC
Detail Social media and new frontiers for spreading crystallographic CCT
Detail Crystallography schools to promote interdisciplinarity in science CCT
Detail CryoEM for macromolecules - from single particles to microcrystals CEC CBM CSynr
Detail Combination of X-rays and electrons for structure characterization CEC CPD CSynr
Detail Application of electron crystallography to functional materials CEC CCGCM CIMS
Detail Analysis of the fine structure in electron diffraction data CEC CAC CommDat
Detail In-situ and time resolved electron crystallography CEC
Detail Crystal structures of pharmaceutical and organic compounds from electron diffraction CEC
Detail Recent advances in electron crystallography techniques CEC
Detail Texture, strain and structure in metals and ceramics CIMS CAC CCM CPD
Detail Organic minerals, metal-organic frameworks, and metal-oxygen clusters: the emergent interface of geochemistry and crystal engineering CIMS CSC
Detail Modular structure of inorganic and mineral compounds CIMS CMTC
Detail Complex structures of minerals and inorganic materials CIMS
Detail Magnetic structures of novel and functional materials CMS CIMS CNS
Detail Magnetic structures at extreme conditions and in extreme samples CMS CHP CIMS CNS
Detail Symmetry aspects of magnetic order and magnetic properties CMS CAC CMTC CPD
Detail Methods and software developments for magnetic-structure analysis CMS CAC CCC CNS
Detail Structural, electronic and magnetic ordering: From fundamental physics to functionality CMS CIMS CNS
Detail Molecular magnets and metal-organic frameworks including quantum crystallography approaches CMS CQC CSC
Detail Frustrated magnetic order and emerging science CMS CCGCM CNS
Detail Generalizations of crystallographic groups and their applications CMTC CQC
Detail Beyond pure point diffraction: Theory and application of diffuse scattering CMTC CAC CQC
Detail Graphs, tilings and crystal structures CMTC CQC
Detail New methods and strategies in NMR crystallography CNMR
Detail Polymorphism and structural transformation of organic crystals from synthesis to characterization CNMR CSC
Detail Advanced neutron sources in biological and materials sciences CNS
Detail Pre and post publication peer review of crystallographic data CommDat CAC CBM
Detail Exemplary practice in chemical, biological and materials database archiving CommDat CBM
Detail In-situ and in operando studies of battery materials CPD CNS
Detail Phase transitions in complex materials (structure and magnetism) CPD
Detail Perovskites CPD
Detail Diffraction imaging, grain mapping in materials and art CPD CCACH
Detail Structure solution and poorly crystalline materials CPD
Detail Total scattering CPD CNS
Detail Combining X-ray diffraction and spectroscopy to characterise materials CPD CPD
Detail Materials for energy conversion and storage CPD
Detail Large scale facilities for quantum crystallography research CQC
Detail Quantum crystallography in materials science CQC CAC
Detail Quantum crystallography challenges and newest accomplishments CQC CAC
Detail Quantum crystallographic studies on intra/inter-molecular interactions CQC CSC
Detail Topological magnetic order and quasiparticles CSAS CMS CNS
Detail Integrative methodologies for novel thin film structures CSAS CCM CPD CSC
Detail Solution scattering and combined techniques for biological systems, including component dynamics CSAS CBM CQC
Detail Advances in data and model validation in biomolecular Small-Angle Scattering: Impacts on data and meta-data recording and data archiving CSAS CQC CommDat
Detail Time-resolved phase evolution, interaction & crystallization in soft matter: Integrative approaches CSAS CQC
Detail Small- and Wide-Angle Scattering for industrial materials far from equilibrium CSAS
Detail Porous framework materials for gas adsorption/separation CSC CNMR
Detail New trends in pharmaceutical materials CSC
Detail Ab initio powder structure analysis for polymorphism and phase transformation studies with pharmaceutical applications CSC CEC
Detail Crystallographic approaches for designing new framework materials (including post-synthetic modification) CSC
Detail Function and application of porous crystals CSC
Detail Dynamic frameworks CSC
Detail Crystal chemistry with emerging technology CSC
Detail Crystallization mechanisms of small molecule systems CSC
Detail Stimuli-responsive crystalline compounds CSC
Detail Solid state reactions and dynamics CSC
Detail Non-covalent interactions in crystal engineering CSC
Detail Theory and practice of supramolecular synthons in crystal engineering CSC
Detail Time-dependent phenomena in the fs to ns regime (studied using ultrashort x-ray pulses) CSynr CBM CSC
Detail New applications of coherent scattering CSynr CBM CMS
Detail Ptychography: present and near future CSynr CEC
Detail Matter at extreme conditions at SR and XFEL: complementarity of spectroscopy and diffraction CSynr CQC CHP CPD CXAFS
Detail 4th generation SR and XFEL Facilities CSynr CBM CXAFS
Detail Catalysis: functionalized materials studied by XRD and XAFS CXAFS
Detail Advanced methods for analysis of XAFS and crystallographic data CXAFS CommDat
Detail Disordered materials: spectroscopic and scattering techniques CXAFS CEC CNS CPD
Detail XAS and crystallography allied for geomaterials and environmental problems CXAFS CIMS CPD
Detail Spectroscopy applied to electrochemistry: operando studies CXAFS CNMR
Detail Characterization and consequences of non-hydrostatic stress on crystals CHP CCM
Detail Crystallography using large volume presses and diamond anvil cells CHP
Detail Crystallography and dynamic compression CHP
Detail Recent advances in instrumentation other