IUCr commissions

Commission acronym Commission
CAC Aperiodic Crystals
CBM Biological Macromolecules
CQC Quantum Crystallography
CCGCM Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials
CCC Crystallographic Computing
CCT Crystallographic Teaching
CCACH Crystallography in Art and Cultural Heritage
CCM Crystallography of Materials
CEC Electron Crystallography
CHP High Pressure
CIMS Inorganic and Mineral Structures
CMS Magnetic Structures
CMTC Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography
CNS Neutron Scattering
CNMR NMR Crystallography and Related Methods
CPD Powder Diffraction
CSAS Small-angle scattering
CSC Structural Chemistry
Csynr Synchrotron and XFEL Radiation
CommDat Data