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Community Meeting in Structural Bioinformatics 

November 15-17, 2023

Prague Congress Centre (PCC), Czech Republic




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Speakers are asked to upload their presentations in their profile in the Conftool system (Your submission/Final Upload/ Second file) in pdf, ppt, pptx. If the file is too big, please, send us this via some public storage server.

Please, upload it before the conference but certainly before the last break before your session. The file with your presentation is not public, will only be available to the administrators in Conftool.
Since schedule of the whole conference is very tight we ask all speakers to respect the time planned for their talk and reserve time for at least one question.

All presentations will be run from our computer because the whole meeting will be online via Zoom. Your own laptops can be used only in absolutely inevitable cases; you will then present via Zoom.
Speakers can control their presentations by mouse (monitor will be available) or a virtual Logitech pointer with gyroscope (visible also for online participants). Wireless hand microphone and head microphone (preferred) will be available.



Presenters of posters should upload their presentations (usually as PDF but other formats are allowed) in their profiles in the Conftool system (Your submission/Final Upload/ Third file). This can be done any time but before the conference. This file will be available for all registered participants including online participants via the Conftool Conference agenda. Therefore, the upload is not obligatory.
We will not print here the posters. The files are mainly for online participants.

Format of real posters is A0, portrait orientation. Panel with carpet cover.
Poster session is scheduled on Wednesday evening but posters should be displayed for the whole conference.






Conference agenda, program

Updated program can always be accessible in Conference agenda of the Conftool system. If you click on the session, its whole content can be seen. Display of abstracts there can be switched on/off by the top left button. Next button switches on/off the uploads. These are the abstracts of the contributions and possibly posters, if the authors upload them.


In Conference agenda (Conftool system), each session and also contribution has a button Start discussion where any of the registered partipants can put questions, before, during and also after the conference. So, please, check it sometime at your contribution in Agenda.

During the session, the online participants can put their questions in the Chat window.

Online participants

Online participants will receive links to Zoom sessions by e-mail. No waiting rooms will be applied but all participants are asked to identify themselves by their first name and surname (in settings of Zoom). Otherwise, they could be kicked off from the session by administrator.


The conference is organized in the Prague Congress Centre, on the third floor, entrance no. 5.
A few minutes walk from the metro station Vyšehrad.


see the link


Probably some rains, cloudy. Temperatures about 7-11 C during days, 4-8 C in nights. Shorter detailed forecast.


There is a concert in big hall of the Prague Congress Centre on Friday, November 17. Not many tickets available.

Lords of the Sound orchestra

music from movies by Hans Zimmer (like Spider man 2”, “The Dark Knight”, “Lone Ranger”, “Interstellar”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Man of Steel”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Gladiator”, “Inception”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Spirit”, “Dune”, “Wonder Woman”, “The Lion King)


Friday, November 17 is a holiday in the Czech Republic. This means that only some shops will be open.











Local organizers





Contact mail: 3d-bio-2023 et xray.cz