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Software for X-ray powder diffraction pattern analysis

From powder diffractionists to powder diffraction community.

Recently available products:

ZDS System version 6.x for DOS

ZDS system is an integrated environment of procedures for complete and precise processing of powder diffraction patterns. The core of the whole system is the graphic control center for graphic editing of powder diffraction patterns and for initialization of individual application procedures. The program is designed to enable the user the maximum utilization of all procedures with minimum effort. The ZDS system allows to import (export) data for processing in step-scanned form directly from Philips and Siemens diffractometers as well as data in ASCII formats. The system contains among others procedures for profile fitting (with choice from several profile shape functions implemented), Search/Match procedure for phase identifications using PDF2 database based on unique channel approach and special criteria of fit, procedure for finding of the most probable unit cell from powder data of an unknown phase, unit cell dimensions refinement procedure. The system is designed for PC IBM compatible with the 386 processors and higher and DOS operating system.

ZDS System version 1.0 for Window '95

Integrated system for powder XRD step-scanned data analysis and management profiting from file managing features and multitasking capabilities of Windows95 operating system. Simple file operations (copying, moving, deleting ...), launching of procedures from a toolbar or using icons just on one or several mouse clicks and/or drag-and-drops. Possibility to group individual files of particular interest in one catalogue described by user selected name. Instant preview of patterns before their loading saves time and prevents loading of unwanted patterns. Search/Match procedure cooperating with PDF2 database by ICDD-JCPDS allows to identify up to 10 phases in powder pattern and supports very easy work with sheets in MS Access format.The system is designed to be operated on recent PC compatible machines with quite good performance and W95. Other features like profile-fitting, unit-cell parameters refinement, Boolean search in PDF2 database, whole powder pattern fitting and more will be available early.



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