The young professor will have to teach at the geology department, mineralogy, material science,spectroscopy, crystal physics and crystallography applied to minerals and also could teach some crystallography at the chemistry department, to 3rd, 4th years students (licence, maitrise) and to graduate students (physics and chemistry of matter and materials ). Also he could have to teach some undergraduate courses or exercices in geology. Concerning research, our lab belongs to the physics department of the CNRS and our activity in mineralogy is as you know charge density in alumino silicates and some spectroscopy (EPR ,NMR) . We have experts in the charge density field and therefore we do not look for somebody doing charge density, but preferably other physical technniques or syntheses applied to these mineral materials (high resolution powder diffraction, high pressure studies, spectroscopy, theoretical calculations on minerals, porous materials ....). The candidate should be between 35 and 45 years old (not older, younger if really excellent), fluent in french, in order to teach in October 2001, lectures, exercices and lab. He must have been taught in geology, physical mineralogy and crystallography with a good knowledge of solid state physics or material science. We do not have any local candidate, therefore the position will be widely open. If there is somebody who could fill these requirements, we can offer him next year a temporary position (1 or 2 months invited professor) in order to have a first, but important, feeling. Prof Claude Lecomte

 Prof Claude Lecomte
 LCM3B,CNRS 7036
 Univ Henri Poincaré Nancy1
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