Ultrafiltration master class

Stanislav Kukla

Merck spol. s r. o., Na Hřebenech II 1718/10, 140 00 Praha 4, Czech republic



Sample preparation of macromolecular solutions, such as proteins, enzymes, antibodies and viruses, often yields in large volumes of diluted macrosolutes in buffers that are incompatible with downstream processes, detection or structural analysis. Various ultrafiltration devices are regularly used to concentrate and buffer-exchange these types of macrosolutes. When using ultrafiltration for sample concentration, particular attention has to be paid to choosing the correct membrane molecular weight cut-off, membrane material as well as the ultrafiltration device appropriate design. During the presentation a general overview of the Amicon© product family will be given with emphasis on some of the recently introduced, new family members – Amicon© Pro purification system and improved, newly designed Amicon© stirred cells. The presenter will also discuss some typical troubleshooting topics and will give useful tips & tricks for ultrafiltration experiments.

















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