Delivery of written contribution is obligatory for all presenting authors!

Written materials are expected in English, Czech or Slovak. English is preferred.

Types of contributions:

1.             Abstracts
Text of abstract should be in the range of 1.500-6.000 characters excluding heading (title, authors, addresses). Figures and tables can be included but extended tables should be avoided. The acknowledgements to grant agencies in abstracts are a subject of regulation charge 500 CZK for each separate project. Abstracts will be published in Materials Structure available for participants at registration. We ask the authors to deliver the contributions by October 26, 2020. Abstracts should contain enough information including results! Fo review lectures they should include detailed sylabus

2.             Full contributions or extended abstracts
With unlimited length (however, they will be reviewed and useless materiasl may not be accepted). They must be structured and contain English keywords and abstract. Structured means fro example - Introduction. Experiment. Discussion. Conclusions. References (must be full, not et al). The contributions will appear in the following issue of Materials Structure. The authors must deliver also a conference abstract (1). They should be delivered before the end of colloquium

General and technical notes

Electronic form of journal is at

Please, read technical instructions for abstract preparation and write it accordingly. 

For Struktura 2018 register and upload the abstract via the form in the registration system.