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As usual, only breakfasts will be prepared as a buffet. All other meals will be served and you have again the option of choosing from three alternatives for each meal. However, this must be done in advance, i.e. as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I have received the menu only today, so there are, in principle, only two days for the choice or the latest until Sunday noon. Then maybe at the registration but we need the majority of numbers earlier. If nothing is selected, number 1 will always be served. So, please, do not hesitate. The best way (automatic) is to make the choice via the central registration system (English version). In both the English and Czech systems Czech (Výběr jídel) and English forms are available.

If you have troubles with login or do not have an account in this system (some guests), you can also look at the menu directly and send us your selection by mail.
Of course, it is assumed that you will select the meals that correspond to your stay.  (cz)
or (English)

Number 3 is always vegetarian.

Water with lemon should be available on all tables. Other drinks can be purchased.
Coffee breaks are ordered with coffee/tea/water + approx. 1 piece from the sweet / salty / fruit mixture.


In the central registration system, under Status, you can see if we have received your fee (this will be updated on Friday evening) and also your accommodation (room type, possibly roommate). Room numbers are virtual.


The item Transportation (Doprava) at has been updated. The simplest is probably a car. The train connection to Tábor is good, but just this month there is an interruption due to rail reconstruction between Prague and Tábor, and for a short part there is a bus substitution. All trains are leaving Prague earlier than it is on the year-end schedule. Bus connections are also good.


It is going to be hot, at least at the beginning, that is already a tradition of Struktura whenever it is organized. However, some rains should appear next week, followed by cooling. The lecture hall is air conditioned, rooms not.


The registration will not open earlier than about 11 a.m. on Monday. Rooms will be available from 2 p.m., but some may be available earlier. Registration and check-in in the hotel are independent. The hotel has a full rooming list, though. On the departure day, the rooms must be released by 10 a.m.
Hotel reception is working 24 hours.


The length of all the presentations should be according to the schedule minus about 5 minutes for discussion.


Posters will be taped on the wall. The dimensions are not strict but the A0 format portrait orientation will be suitable. Discussions there can be during coffee breaks.


Wellness and a swimming pool will be available but not included in the registration fee.





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