Panalytical PIXcel

PIXcel, PANalytical's 2nd generation solid-state detection technology, is a highly advanced photon counting device incorporating the latest in solid-state pixel technology.

PIXcel provides specific benefits for research into advanced materials for high tech applications such as superior resolution, unmatched dynamic range, high count rate linearity and wide application versatility.

Benchmark performance

PIXcel consists of more than 65,000 pixels, each 55 x 55 microns in size and with individual readout circuitry - step size 0.0167 º2q

This results in new levels of resolution and linearity and an unmatched dynamic range of 25 million counts per second per pixel row. Thanks to this unique performance capability the use of beam attenuators is no longer required.


  PIXcel is the result of PANalytical's collaboration with CERN, the world's largest particle physics laboratory, and leading research institutes across Europe as part of the Medipix2 project, amongst others NIKHEF, the National Institute for Nuclear and High Energy Physics in The Netherlands