School on 3D electron diffraction/MicroED techniques and how to apply them for structure determination of nano/microcrystals too small for X-ray diffraction. The topics will cover inorganic compounds, pharmaceutics and proteins. It includes both lectures and practical sessions.


  • The development of various 3D electron diffraction/MicroED techniques a historical perspective
  • Introduction to transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction
  • 3D electron diffraction/MicroED (SAED, PED, EDT) and space group determination 
  • Sample preparation for both materials and life sciences 
  • 3D ED/MicroED Data collection   
  • Radiation damage   
  • 3D ED Data Processing and data merging including practical demo labs
  • Methods for phasing diffraction data small molecules and macromolecules
  • Practical demo labs for structure solution and refinement with 3D ED/MicroED data two groups for small molecules and macromolecules, respectively
  • Dynamical refinement
  • New developments in 3D electron crystallography