Poster Session

Posters will be fixed by pins to soft-boards covered by cloth.
Useful area of the board is 130 cm high and 96 cm wide.

Two poster sessions will be organized.
However, all posters will be displayed for the whole conference 
(starting from Thursday) and should be removed by Sunday 13.00.

Poster Session Topics

  • T1:  Structure Solution and Refinement
  • T2:  Real structure - Line Profile Analysis
  • T3:  Real structure - Stress, Strain and Texture
  • T4:  Real structure - Thin Films and Multilayers
  • T5:  Nanocrystalline and Disordered Materials
  • T6:  Materials Science - Metals and Alloys
  • T7:  Minerals
  • T8:  Phase Analysis
  • T9:  Phase Transitions, Non-Ambient Conditions
  • T10: Magnetic and Ferroelectric Materials
  • T11: Neutron diffraction
  • T12: Small Angle Scattering
  • T13: Instruments and Methods