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Size - Strain lectures

Plenary lectures


Friday, September 3
A1:  Structure Solution and Refinement
B1:  Stress, Strain and Texture
A2:  Neutron Diffraction - Instruments 
B2:  Phase Transitions
A3:  Phase Analysis 
B3:  Non-ambient Conditions

Saturday, September 4
A4:  Structure and Properties of Bio - Materials 
B4:  Structure of Nanocrystalline Materials
A5:  Structure Solution from Powder Diffraction - Applications I 
B5:  Materials Science (metals, alloys, intermetalics)
A6:  Neutron Diffraction - Applications (magnetic materials, ionic conductors) 
B6:  Minerals

Sunday, September 5
A7:  Indexing of Powder Diffraction Patterns, Software 
B7:  Techniques and Instruments
A8:  Structure Solution from Powder Diffraction - Applications II 
B8:  Thin Films and Multilayers

Poster session topics

T1:  Structure Solution and Refinement

T2:  Real structure - Line Profile Analysis

T3:  Real structure - Stress, Strain and Texture

T4:  Real structure - Thin Films and Multilayers

T5:  Nanocrystalline and Disordered Materials

T6:  Materials Science - Metals and Alloys

T7:  Minerals

T8:  Phase Analysis

T9:  Phase Transitions, Non-Ambient Conditions

T10: Magnetic and Ferroelectric Materials

T11: Neutron Diffraction

T12: Small Angle Scattering

T13: Instruments and Methods